5 Protein Shake Facts. 5 Things You Never Knew About Protein Shakes.

If you're an avid user of protein shakes, then you’ll probably think you know everything there is to know about protein shakes, including when to drink them, how they’re made, how they benefit your body and which protein shake to choose.

However, here at SCI-MX, we’ve taken a closer look into protein shakes to find out 5 little known facts that will hopefully take even the biggest protein fan by surprise.

So forget the protein calculator and how to mix the best smoothie, and take a look at the following 5 protein shake facts that you never knew about protein shakes.


1. Getting Your Calculations Right: Excessive Protein Is Stored As Fat

The amount of protein you consume while training should be calculated accurately for optimum results. Those under the impression that consuming more than the advised amount won’t make any difference, or think it will help build muscle quicker, could not be more wrong.

In fact, excessive protein in the body will be stored as fat and will, therefore, have the opposite effect in building muscle, and can also strain the liver and kidneys.

The body of an average-sized adult will already be made up of about 10kg to 12kg of protein, with most of this protein (6kg to 8kg) stored in the muscles. Our protein intake is generally around 10-15% of our dietary calorific intake, and each protein works with a different amino acid to perform a different function.screenshot_20170313-091130

It has been proven that more than three times the recommended intake of protein consumed by a well-trained athlete does not enhance performance or build muscle. Instead, it is recommended that strength athletes consume 1.4 to 1.8g of protein, and endurance athletes 1.2g to 1.4g of protein for optimum muscle mass and exercise performance.

(Top Tip: Always stick to serving size suggestions & contact a member of the SCI-MX team if you need any advice on taking the correct amount of protein).

2.Protein Cannot Be Synthesized Without The Appropriate Amino Acids

flex-fridayIn order to synthesize and, therefore, make use of the protein we consume, our bodies require a combination of amino acids. In fact, the body needs a total of 20 amino acids, each with a different purpose.

High-quality proteins feature the appropriate amino acids, and form complete proteins, allowing muscle tissue growth and repair.

3.Protein Shakes With Appropriate Amino Acids Help Maintain Nitrogen Balance

As well as encouraging muscle repair and growth, protein shakes, like dietary proteins, that contain the appropriate amino acids for protein synthesis, help maintain nitrogen balance in the body.


Since protein molecules generally contain 16% nitrogen, consuming high-quality protein that contains adequate amino acids is important. Excessively high-levels of nitrogen have been linked to health problems, such as cancer, however, the body needs a certain amount of nitrogen in order to make other amino acids, so our bodies can make use of all types of protein.

The protein powders from SCI-MX contain the optimum amount of amino acids to maintain the balance of nitrogen in the body, for optimal protein synthesis.

Our AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE™ for example, contains 16 amino acids for lean muscle growth that are well-matched with the protein within the shake and can be replaced during exercise.

4.There Are A Variety Of Proteins In Protein Shakes

Each protein shake features a different protein, and different amino acids, for different results. Ultimately, when you are shopping for your protein shake and you are shopping by goal, you are shopping for a different type of protein that will have a different effect on the body. We have split our categories out to help you make a wise decision when it comes to shopping protein supplements, however if you see can't find what you are looking for we have an expert team at HQ which will be happy to help you with your selection.

5.Protein Shakes Can Offer Significant Benefit To Vegetarians

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Although the advantages of consuming only vegetarian proteins include ingesting a lower amount of cholesterol-causing animal fat, it can be a problem for a vegetarian sportsperson to consume the adequate amino acids for a variety of proteins to be synthesized and used in the body.

By opting for a supplementary protein shake, vegetarians can ensure that their body is benefiting from all forms of protein for ongoing health benefits and improved fitness.

While lactovegetarian diets (vegetarian diets that include dairy products) can reduce the problem of consuming insufficient levels of high-protein foods, vegans and vegetarians that do not consume dairy products will need further diet supplementation to support both daily living, as well as fitness workouts.

SCI MX PRO V-GAIN™ PROTEIN is 100% plant-based protein that is dairy and gluten-free. It is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is the perfect mix for vegetarians to consume the high-quality protein required for awesome workouts


Your Protein Shake

Ultimately, the type of protein shake that will offer you most benefit depends on the type of training you are doing, your current diet and the results you are looking for.

If you want to ask us any questions about what protein shake to opt for, or perhaps want to try a new protein shake, please do not hesitate to contact us at SCI-MX.


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