7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan


Looking to create an eating plan to help you lose weight and enhance muscle tone?

There's a ton of complicated information on the web about creating a diet that maximises weight loss. Even hardcore trainers couldn't be blamed for slamming their heads against the squat rack in frustration! To cut the confusion, we've put together this simple guide to help you smash your All Year Resolution without you feeling like you want to quit after day one.


Complicated strategies such as low carb diets can work for advanced trainers – but the simple essentials will instantly get you in the zone to burn fat and feed muscle:

NO.1 Personalised Calories >>>

To lose weight you need a moderate calorie deficit in the region of 500kcals below maintenance. For the typical trainer, this usually means a calorie intake of 10-12kcals x bodyweight (e.g. 190lbs x 10 or 190lbs x 12 = 1900 to 2280 calories). How much weight should you try and lose each week? Aim for a fat loss of 1-2lbs and think in terms of 4-6 weeks to really see results – keep the faith and you'll smash it! Start out at 12 calories per lb of weight and then gradually taper down to 11 and then 10, if your weight loss stalls. If you're new to number crunching calories – it's key to know that protein and carbohydrates contain 4kcals per gram, while fat contains 9kcals per gram!

NO.2 Protein Intake >>>

Protein, protein, protein! You've heard it before but it always needs saying again – optimal intake when dieting promotes muscle retention, forcing the body to burn maximum amounts of ugly fat. It'll also keep you feeling satisfied and support a healthy metabolism! How much protein? The sweet spot according to the latest science remains in the 1.8-2g/kg body mass range (e.g. 80kg x 2 = 160g protein). It's true that slashing calories lower and not eating enough protein will cause faster 'weight loss' – but you will end-up burning LESS fat and a ton of muscle; seriously bad news whether you're a guy or a girl who wants to actually look good!

NO.3 Carbs and Fats >>>

The confusion with diets usually concerns fat and carbs! The truth is that neither of them 'make you fat' or 'stops weight loss' – an excess of calories does! A simple strategy for weight loss is to consume 60-90g of fat per day – then consume your remaining calories from carbs. When it comes to quality fats – ensure you're consuming sufficient essential Omega's 3-6-9 and consider adding CLA 1000 Leancore™ to your supplement stack. Getting the right balance of macro's in your diet will optimally support health, metabolism, hormone synthesis, training energy and muscle protein synthesis.

NO.4 Track It >>>

“Calorie and macro tracking is essential to know where you're at with your nutrition – otherwise you could easily sabotage results!....."

Download a Tracking App such as Myfitnesspal to make life easier.

Advanced tip: Increase your carb calorie intake by 250-500kcals on the days you do weights, and reduce them by the same amount on rest days. This simple carb-cycling tip will help you build muscle while maximising fat burning.

7 Day Meal Plan

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One you've nailed your nutrition plan – maximum fat loss and muscle retention will be generated by performing a combination of resistance work and cardio training, 3-5 days a week. Weight training is 100% vital to maintain muscle when in a calorie deficit, while interval training is a research-verified method of targeting stubborn fat effectively. Check out our DIET PRO™ WORKOUT over on the blog!

Try the eating plan to lose weight fast and effectively – get that physique you want for Spring '16!





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