A Vegan Diet with Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards is a professional acrobat and therefore strength is key to his success! Doug has switched to a semi-vegan diet to enhance his physique along side a number of other reasons...

Why have you changed to a vegan diet?Doug
I have become much more aware of the knock-on effects to animals and the world, meaning I decided to moderate my consumption of animal products - I’m not a strict vegan, but I just make sure I don’t overindulge on foods from animal-sources.

I was prompted to go vegan as I was getting a bit of a bloated stomach after going heavy on the dairy goods and a slump in energy which was not good for my training.

How far into your training were you?
I’ve been training seriously for 8 years, and it was only around 6 months ago that I looked into going vegan purely for moral reasons.

Did you notice any physical changes from going vegan?
Immediately, I saw some of the benefits of moderating dairy and gluten, such as a change in my skin, it’s looking a lot healthier now!

pro v gain protein 2.2kg mkt1 rgb-300x300I have also become a lot leaner, however, I’ve actually started to re-introduce some dairy and fish back into my diet as I feel I’m limiting my recovery from purely plant based foods.

Is it easy to maintain the ultimate body with a vegan diet?
It has been quite hard, however SCI-MX PRO V-GAIN (previously PRO VX PROTEIN) has been my go to. Without this protein shake I don’t think I could have maintained my muscle mass.

PRO V-GAIN PROTEIN contains a whopping 34g protein per serving from rice, soy and pea proteins. In actual fact, plant-based protein contains a higher concentration of BCAAs, L-arginine and L-glycine than whey, milk or egg protein.

Can you recommend a recipe that helps you overcome your cravings whilst following a vegan diet?
Quite simple but effective, and something I have most days before a heavy training session is a bowl of organic oats with coconut milk, a banana, a spoon of peanut butter and a few squares of 85% dark chocolate. This is easy digesting and slow burning, plus it tastes amazing!image

Do you have a vegan role model who you look to for help and advice?
I have a great client who is vegan, he has given me tips and recipes but there are plenty of incredible vegan athletes who have also inspired me - The main one being Tim Shieff (a world class free runner and purely plant fueled athlete with the most positive, selfless and loving vibes which is refreshing and unusual in such a "go beastmode", "dog eat dog" fitness world).

One of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow is @mangoandcoconuts – tonnes of fitness friendly recipes that are vegan, or just gluten and dairy free.

What would you suggest to anyone who is thinking about a vegan lifestyle?
Take it slowly, keep a food log and write down how you feel after eating certain foods and look into the knock on effects of what you consume as you will appreciate your food a lot more. Whether that's being thankful to Mother Nature for luscious fruit and veg or knowing the sacrifice of another animal’s life to help you become stronger.

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