Ab Workout With Arran Arogundade

Abs are made in the kitchen… but we sculpt them in the gym!

Why not work your way through athlete Arran Arogundade’s ab routine for a simple, yet effective workout that will leave you parading washboard abs.

Que rope and floor crunches, reverse v-sit ups and rower standing roll out all testing core balance & strength.

Floor Crunches:

Get these right and you'll be living by the expression 'less is more'. This exercise isn't about speed. Its about precision of movement. You need to make sure your engaging the abdominal muscle not just straining the neck as you incorrectly force the movement upwards.

Technique: Keep elbows wide with your fingers lightly touching the side of your forehead or back of the head. Using only your abs lift your shoulders from the floor - elevate your chest without curling the neck.

Top Tip: When you feel a crunch or strain in your abs, hold the position and squeeze. TIME UNDER TENSION. This will put pressure on the abdominal's to get them popping in no time.

(Arran shows us the advanced version below where he elevates his legs as well as shoulders. For this movement you need to lift your legs & shoulders in unison. Make sure you keep your feet together like below.)

arran floor crunches 2

Rower Standing Roll Out:

Not seen this one before? Neither had we! Arran shows us that even if the mat area is fully booked you can take advantage of the equipment around you. Here, Arran shows us the 'Rower Standing Roll Out'. Another ab exercise that's proven to improve your core strength.

Like Arran, face the rower. Feet together, pointing forward. Take the rowing seat with both hands (like below), keeping balanced move the seat slowly back and forth extending the body over the rower. Note: your heels will leave the floor when extended.

arran rowing machine

arran rowing machine 2

Reverse V-sit up:

Feeling like you push the boundaries in the gym? Got some crazy core strength? Seen this?

Using the rower once again place the palms of your hands where your feet once stood. Lift both feet onto the seat on the rower & complete the reverse V-sit up. Pictures? Nope! You need to check this one out for yourself. Click here or below:

Video image

Rope Crunches:

Lastly rope crunches. One of the most effective exercises for building abs, this exercise is used relentlessly by Arran in show prep.

Technique: Once you have set up the pulley to the correct height, pull it down and in towards your chest until your elbows are nearly in line with your side. Hold and squeeze.

Top Tip: Make sure the rope is just above head height when kneeling rather than sat like below. As you go into the sitting position pull the ropes down with you so that there is still reach above your head.

rope crunch

rope crunch2

Want to see more? Check out the full video here and let us know how you get on with your super-sets by hash-tagging #scimx in your videos!

Good luck.

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