Athlete Daniel Ventura Talks Fitness

We caught up with athlete Daniel Ventura to ask him his advice about all-round fitness as we head into the summer months. Find out what Daniel has to say about fitness, workouts & off days.

QHow do you achieve all round fitness?

A I like to incorporate my own workout routine which I invented called the "10-40 protocol"! It’s a mix of plyometric exercises that need no equipment what so ever. The workout is specifically designed to stimulate the natural release of testosterone and human growth hormone in the body and improve fitness levels exponentially!Daniel Ventura

QWhat are your go to exercises when you want to maximise complete body workouts, can you name 3?

AOne of my favourite exercise routines is the "100% club"! It’s a chest workout specifically designed to increase size in just one session. You load up an Olympic bar with exactly your own body weight and pump out the reps to failure. Rest for 90 seconds and then go again. The hard part is that you've got to do this 10 times. Believe it when I say, your chest will be in pieces for a week afterwards. But it's a great feeling, I love it.

QHow do you personally measure fitness? What are your fitness goals?

AI personally measure fitness by how many plyometric moves you can make without having to stop. If you can keep going like a Duracell bunny, your fit in my mind! My fitness goal is to perform my 10-40 protocol workout with a 10 second rest between sets - it's quite an achievement.Daniel Ventura

QHow do you stay grounded when working on your body profile? Do you stress if you’ve had an 'off' day?

A I never stress if I have an off day. I hear a lot of my clients tell me that when they slip up and have an off day they say to themselves 'oh well I've spoiled my diet for the day I may as well continue to eat rubbish and not train'. I never do this, I'm human and of course I slip up and eat things should'nt do, but I usually stop there and continue to eat clean or train hard to make up for the faux pas.

QWhat are your must have SCI-MX products for all round fitness and health?

AWow, the list is too long. OMNI-MX® LEANCORE shake is making my life complete right now. It's giving me lean muscle, strength and even libido. X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ kick-starts me most mornings when I get up at 5am, SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ is keeping me lean 365 days a year, diet protein flapjacks are so delicious and hit my macros perfectly. The PRO-2GO® cookies are divine and always accompany me in my car where ever I go. Lastly BCAA's make sure I'm synthesising all the protein I'm consuming and stopping me turning catabolic in my hardcore workouts.Daniel Ventura

QWhat would you suggest to a client who wanted to improve their all-round fitness?

ATry my 10-40 protocol, it'll shift fat and make your super fit in a matter of weeks if not days! Everyone who's tried my workout absolutely loves it and has got great results from it quickly too!

QTell us, do you have any fitness secrets? Is looking good connected to feeling good?

ANo secrets I'm afraid to say, I'm an open book. I like to give help to people for nothing. If I know of an exercise, food or supplement that can help people get fitter, healthier and happier I always share it with the world. I would never keep it a secret, I always want to spread the wealth. As for looking good and feeling good. I have to say of course. If you feel trim, muscular, defined, chiselled or however you personally aspire to be you will feel great too. Looking great should always be just the by-product of being healthier, not the other way around.

QWhat are your thoughts on team sports for increasing all-round fitness?

AI think its great if you can compete doing something that you love and get fit in the process. If you have the opportunity to do that, take it.

QHow do you push past the pain barriers to maximise your workouts?

ANow you're talking my language, I never stop training anything in the gym until it hurts, and when it starts to hurt I'll do an extra 10 reps minimum on top. I always say if it isn't hurting, it isn't working.

QIn three words sum up your all round fitness ethos?

A Discipline - Commitment - Passion

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