Best Foods For Cutting


Getting cut and jacked takes precision nutrition. Here's what you need to know about the best foods for cutting........


There's one universal cutting essential – PROTEIN must be sufficient to help maintain lean muscle!

Get 2g protein per kg/body mass from lean meat, free-range eggs, fish, protein shakes/bars, cottage cheese.


Unprocessed fats are essential for hormone production, metabolic function and training health – making them an among the best cutting foods.

How to optimise intake?

Firstly ensure a daily intake of essential fatty acids; a serving of oily fish plus a tablespoon of crushed flax seeds in a shake would be great foundation and/or a serving of Tri-Omega EFA. The remainder of your fats should come from natural sources such as nuts, olive oil, avocados, quality butter, eggs and meat. Avoid processed vegetable oils and trans-fats.


Carbs are controversial when it comes to defining the best cutting foods! Why? Because they can cause an increase in insulin and blood sugar, which blunts fat burning enzymes. On the flip side, carbs reset a sluggish metabolism, boost anabolic hormone levels and support training. So what's the answer? Moderation and timing! Moderate your carb intake by only consuming small serving of low GI foods (such as oats or brown rice) with regular meals; alternatively cut them out and replace with fats/protein. Save a carb spike for after training (this can include a serving of high GI carbs such as potatoes and white rice – yes even for fat loss!).


Eating optimal protein and getting a balance of good fats and carbs in your cutting diet (while creating a daily calorie deficit of 250-500 daily through diet and exercise) is an awesome way to get ripped. However, carb-cycling works great for many guys – boost intake and lower fat on training days – then reduce carbs and increase fat on rest days.


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