Body Blitz

We caught up with athlete Claire Aves to find out all about her new Body Blitz workout programme. Why not checkout what she had to say below (especially if you're looking to make some fitness changes quickly this New Year).

Hi Claire, thanks for joining us today, so tell us, what is your Body Blitz programme all about?

Hi Guys, of course the ‘body blitz’ is a quick fix plan. The plan is designed for 2 intensive weeks only.


  1. Do you have a works function or party to go to and you have limited time to fit into your little black dress or tuxedo?
  2. Have you booked a last minute holiday and need to drop some weight fast?
  3. Maybe you’ve indulged too much over the festive period or whilst you have been on holiday?
  4. Or do you just want a kick start the New Year & get back on track in the gym?

We all know if we see results quick we are likely to stick to it this plan is designed to do just that.

Who is the body blitz programme designed for?

My plan is designed for the intermediate to advanced gym user with access to a gym. It is very intense plan with 13 out of 14 days of training, with a mix of HIIT, weights and cardio. You just have to remember it’s only for 14 days.


What inspired you to create the body Blitz programme?

As a PT I get lots clients wanting to see results “NOW”  for the many reason mentioned above, so I decided it was time to do something about it. With my knowledge and previous experience of having to shred weight quickly, effectively and without causing harm to my body I designed this plan and used myself as the initial Guinea pig. I personally dropped nearly 4kg and a total of 12 inches from my waist, hips & my under glutes - I knew it worked!

What typical results should people see from following your programme?

This ranges from person to person. Recent studies with 12 people showed a range from 3.5 - 10 inch loss via hips, waist, left glute, left bicep and a range of weight from 2kg-5kg

What SCI-MX products would you recommend for your Body Blitz plan?

Alongside the physical requirements from the Body Blitz I also offer a diet plan where I 100% recommend to use SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY protein post workout and pre bed as this helps with muscle repair and growth. I also suggest the SCI-MX 100% PURE GLUTAMINE as a top up to help aid muscle repair. SCI-MX X-PLODE HARDCORE is also a massive help to aid the training programme due to exercise intensity. X-PLODE really gives you the kick you need to see the whole session through.


How can people attend your Body Blitz programme?

By signing up on my website under “BLITZ PLAN” fill out the form and you will receive a welcome email and all the information.  Please be aware I take no more than 30 people a month. I open spaces at the end of the month to start at the beginning of the next. You are welcome to interact with myself and the other Blitzers throughout the 2 weeks or you can request to sign up at any time and complete the plan alone.

What success have you seen from men/ women attending your programme so far?

There have been different success stories so far ranging from weight loss, feeling fitter, healthier and more toned to generally feeling better about themselves, more motivated. Essentially it’s a kick start back into fitness. On my last Body Blitz intake I had 2 ladies complete the plan together, both mums with full time jobs, the feedback I received was not only that they lost weight (which was the initial aim) but also that they just had a feel good factor from getting back into fitness and a ‘fitness’ routine. They have both continued to eat healthily and incorporate exercises they learnt from my blitz into their everyday. I get a lot of enjoyment from surprising people with what they are capable of and how they can make very small changes in their lifestyle in order to see a big differences.



What do you think of fitness New Year resolutions?

I think this is the best way to start a new year! It’s an incredible feeling to set yourself realistic goals and achieve them.

What would be your top tip to keep to New Year fitness resolution?

Be realistic, set goals in stages so that you can manage the change.

What would be your advice for people looking to transform themselves in 2017?

If you’re looking for that change to be permanent, give yourself the correct amount of time, set yourself structured goals and targets that are achievable.

If you could inspire people in 3 words to get fit & reach their goals in 2017 what would they be?

1. Consistency

2. Patience

3. Belief


So for anyone not knowing how to go about kick starting their 2017 routine why not drop Claire a message and see how she can help!

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