How to Boost Fat Burning with Split Sessions


Build muscle and burn fat – at the same time? Every physique trainer knows it's no easy task, so if you want to achieve it – you need to use every potential advantage you can get. One strategy worth considering is splitting training sessions into two to burn more body fat compared to a single session – check it out.....


Research from Japan analysed the type of calories metabolised during two steady state (60% VO2MAX) cardio tests [1]:
1. 60 minutes running
2. 20 minutes running + 30 minutes rest + 40 minutes running

Using the split workout was found to increase levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream, indicating an increase in the mobilisation and release of stored body fat. The question is – why? The most likely reason is the body needs time to fully activate its lipogenic enzymes in response to exercise, which in this case was provided by taking a rest after an initial 20 minute run.


Not many people have the time or inclination to rest for 30 minutes in the middle of a workout – so more trainer-friendly strategies are needed to get the potential boost in fat burning.

WEIGHTS + CARDIO > Intense weight training drains muscle glycogen and signals the body to release fatty acids from adipose tissue (such as the Abs). This is why following a weight training session with steady state cardio may help to directly burn-off fat. Try adding 20-30 minutes of incline walking at approximately 60% max heart rate (i.e. approx 220-age) after your weight training.

CARDIO ONLY > High intensity cardio such as 10 minutes of 50-100m sprints, or 15 minutes of alternate 30 seconds high intensity, 30-60 seconds low-moderate is a fast way to stimulate lipogenic pathways. Simply put - This will get your body to pump-out stored fatty acids and then burn them off with lower intensity work in the second half of your session.

Try this:
- 100m row/treadmill sprint (rest 1 minute)
- 200m row/treadmill sprint (rest 1 minute)
- 400m max intensity with 50m row/treadmill sprint (rest 1 minute)
- Rest 10 minutes (stretch or do some Ab work)
- 20 minutes fast incline walking at 60% max heart rate


- Use a pre-workout drink (X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™) or a fat-burning capsule that contains green tea extract (SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™) which studies have shown to increase the release and oxidation of stored fatty acids.
- Provide muscles with an influx of vital amino acids (BCAA INTRA HARDCORE) during your sessions to help combat tissue catabolism.
- Follow your sessions with a shake enriched with green tea and metabolic support nutrients such as WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™.

Don't dismiss the impact that you can have on your physique, with small changes in your strategy!

Kazushige Goto , Naokata Ishii , Ayuko Mizuno , Kaoru Takamatsu. Enhancement of fat metabolism by repeated bouts of moderate endurance exercise. Journal of Applied PhysiologyPublished 1 June 2007Vol. 102no. 6, 2158-2164DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01302.2006


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