Calculate Your Genetic Potential For Muscle Growth

Genetic Potential

There’s an ongoing debate about how much lean mass a guy can naturally build. However, rather than argue about trainers who have awesome genetics and build muscle 'as soon as they see a weight' – let's take a look at the kind of results a normal weight trainer can realistically achieve with hardcore long-term training, based on their genetic potential to build muscle mass...


Studies suggest that it is possible to make a general prediction of your 'ripped muscular weight' by subtracting 100 from your body mass in kilograms:

(Height in cm) – (96 to 100) = max ripped body weight (kg)

You can use a variance of 96-100 to allow for natural genetic differences – including bone structure, hormone synthesis and other factors that may give you slighter better or worse than average growth potential. If you have a light bone structure then you'll probably weigh in at the bottom end of the scale – on the plus side you'll tend to have good potential for physique aesthetics. Everyone's different – never forget it!

It’s important to note that this ‘genetic limit’ prediction refers to your ‘ripped’ body weight — so we’re talking a genuine 5-6% body fat when you wake-up in the morning, before eating or drinking food. Visually, that's lean enough to hit the front cover of a fitness mag or walk on stage in a muscle model competition! When you've eaten, hydrated and loaded-up on carbs, you could easily weigh 10lbs more by the time you go to sleep. It's also worth noting that a large percentage of trainers look great at 8-12% body fat, which would add significant mass to the scales.

Also be aware that it's very common to underestimate your body fat – so get it measured by a gym pro to really know how your physique measures up. In the long run, it will pay-off to be honest about your morning body mass and fat percentage!

Here’s the prediction for a 5’10 weight trainer at 5-6% body fat – the same size as SCI-MX physique pro, Stefan Gatt:

178cm - 96 = 12 stone 8lbs (82kg/180lbs)

Achieving the stats above would give you a seriously good physique, and at this height you'd be looking at these kind of physique and strength stats:

Waist: 28-30 inches
Chest: 44-46 inches
Biceps: 16-17 inches
Thighs: 25-26 inches

Deadlift: 250kg+
Squat: 180kg+
Bench press: 130kg+

“Building an epic physique takes real dedication – but there's no doubt that the tools are available to achieve your real potential more easily than ever......”

We grilled Stefan Gatt on how he's achieved a ripped 82kg physique that is in-line with his predicted genetic potential. He focuses on cycling his strength training in a 4-6 rep zone, with hypertrophy training in the 8-15 rep range to add lean mass in conjunction with a stack of OMNI MX® HARDCORE and 17-T SOMATOCRI MX™.

When asked whether it's possible to exceed the levels of muscle predicted by many online calculators, he says that his mentality is to never limit himself and always focus on being better...

“Just like the four minute mile – barriers are there to be smashed! Today's supplements are natural but contain concentrated nutrients and highly scientific ingredients such as creatine monohydrate which is proven to increase training intensity, zinc to support T synthesis and functional proteins with awesome anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits. Building an epic physique takes real dedication – but there's no doubt that the tools are available to achieve your real potential more easily than ever."

Achieving your predicted maximum natural ripped body weight at 5-6% body fat, is a very challenging long-term target, but it can be done! It'll take long-term graft in the gym, optimal food and supplement intake, plus the persistence to chase the image of your ultimate physique. When you get there, it will all be worth it!

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