Can You Gain Muscle While Losing Fat?


Gaining muscle and losing fat is the ultimate goal for physique trainers – usually referred to as enhancing body composition. In this scenario, the goal is to weigh about the same, but to add muscle while burning body fat – giving your physique a totally different look! So – how can you gain muscle while losing fat?


If you're serious about burning fat while building muscle, then you need to train frequently – and probably harder than you've ever done before!

Monday: Heavy weight training for 40-60 minutes
Tuesday: 30-40 minutes super-intense cardio intervals
Wednesday: Heavy weight training
Thursday: 1 mile run maximum intensity
Friday: Heavy weight training
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

The key is to massively increase your energy expentiture during exercise to create a big metabolic after-burn that taps into stored body fat. In addition, training with heavy weights and performing HIIT sensitises muscle cells to absorb nutrients very efficiently, while inhibiting calorie storage as fat cells. In effect, this creates an environment where you can potentially lose stored fat, while gaining lean muscle!


The next factor in gaining muscle while shredding fat, is your calorie intake and food quality. Ideally, you need to find a calorie level where your weight remains stable on a weekly basis; your increased training intensity will then deliver positive changes in body composition.

− Set your protein intake at 2g/kg body mass daily and split your intake over 5-7 meals/snacks to support round-the-clock anabolism.
− Keep carbs low with meals and snacks (except post-workout) – keep them high protein with a dash of healthy fats (e.g. smocked mackerel fillet with avocado or protein shake + almonds)
− Boost carb intake with your post-training shake (e.g. OMNI-MX® LEANCORE) and post-workout meal (e.g. spicy chicken pasta to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and support lean gains.
− Supplement with BCAA's intra-training to support muscle tissue when training hard to burn fat.


Healthy hormone levels are associated with increased muscle mass and a reduction in body fat – remember these essentials:

− Get 8 hours sleep a night - lights out by 10pm if possible
− Take ZMA PLUS HARDCORE™ which contains zinc to support serum testosterone
− Cut the stress – it's vital to reduce cortisol which promotes fat storage
− Consume a slow protein snack pre-bed to promote growth while burning fat over-night; cottage cheese or GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN are ideal.

Gaining muscle while shredding fat is not easy, but it's not impossible. Train hard – and eat smart!


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