SCI-MX Ambassador Che Mills Talks MMA

Team SCI-MX caught up with sponsored ambassador Che Mills as he approaches his 2 weeks out mark. Che is gearing up to what will be his 28th MMA fight, we probed Che to tell all as he approaches his welter weight fight on the 12th November airing on BT sports ‘Cage Warriors’.

How long you have been training for this fight?

16 weeks, but usually its 12. Although being a PT I would say I have a decent level of fitness all year round. During the 12 weeks leading up to a fight I make sure I’m fight fit.

Do you have a training routine that changes from week 1 to 12?

My training doesn't change as such, it just gets more intense. Here's a standard week 1 & 12 fitness schedule. In the 1st week it's all about getting back into routine whereas week 12 is about ticking over, making the weight & mentally preparing for the fight.

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Would you say your fitness is fight ready now?

Yes, I think I’m nearly there, I measure my fitness based on my sparring ability. I work really closely with my coach and dependant on where I am with my training and how I’m feeling he mixes theshredx-780x1355 level up. The fitter you get, the more lightly your coach is to throw in some different challenges. Fresh feet per spar session, heavier sparing partners, longer sparring duration; it all helps.

Do you take supplements to help with your fit fitness?

Yes, being a big fan of SCI-MX I take a couple dependant on what I’m doing and for how long. SHRED-X always helps when I’m looking to cut weight and I always whey-plus-rippedcoreuse WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE, in fact anything from your RIPPEDCORE range. The X-PLODE pre workout helps when I need a kick in the morning.

Are you superstitious or do you have any rituals before a fight?

I’m not superstitious but I ALWAYS wear my Celtic football shirt to the venue before changing into my fight clothes.

Do you get any fight nerves?

Not really, but I do always want to win. Losing to me would reflect a poor performance, I’m fighting to represent my club so I’m bringing it.fb_img_1477604142674

What helps you recover from a fight?

This isn’t just after a fight but throughout my training I’ll always get a sports massage, I try and get one weekly and I also see a chiropractor weekly, it helps straighten you back out. When I was younger I used to get injured all the time but I look after myself a lot more now.

Why not check Che out in one of his fight videos below (just click the image) or tune in 9pm November 12th to catch Che in action.


Good luck Che #teamscimx !!

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