Claire Aves WBFF PRO “My Journey To The WBFF PRO Stage”

SCI-MX caught up with athlete Claire Aves as she hits her 3 weeks out mark. Here's what she had to say:


I have now hit the 3 week out phase of my prep. My journey began at 11 weeks out so I’ve already put my body & mind through 8 weeks of pure hard work and dedication. Competing is not for the light hearted. You not only have to be physically strong but mentally as well.

People say you have to prepare yourself for hours of gym sessions, strict diet, lack of social life and giving up some of life’s luxuries, in some ways I agree, but in others I think it depends on you as an individual. Your lifestyle does have to change but you remember it’s only for a short period and it will only be as hard as you choose. You are chasing a personal goal & you’ve prepared.img-20161023-wa0006

On reflection the past 8 weeks have not been as hard as my other 3 preps, this time I started on a high note having had over a year off.

When I previously competed it was for 3 shows within a space of 1 year. 9 months of that spent on prep (strict dieting & training) whilst suffering with an injured wrist. After so much time on prep that injury was just the start & eventually my body told me it had taken enough. I ended up having to rest for 5 months.

Was I upset? Yes.

Did I feel cheated that I was training so hard and I had to then stop? Yes.

Did I let it stop me? NO.

Mentally it played a huge part but I took a step back, I reflected on what I had achieved in the year previous, my first show placing 2nd then 3rd in Europe, then finally I reached my goal and got 1st place and earned my PRO card with the WBFF.

I realise now my injury was a way of my body telling me I needed a break, I needed to rest and make quality time for my family. So when I think about my prep this time around I realise it’s been enjoyable, fun, in no ways easy but a challenge I happily accepted.

“My fire has relit and my passion for competing is back and I am ready to hit the stage.”

claire-aves-videoCheck out Claire Aves 'At Her Best' - click the above image

So what has my diet been like these past 8 weeks? Hard. I have a very sweet tooth and I am a very fussy eater. I only started eating fish last year for prep and now I love cod in fact I have cod every single morning.

As part of prep & because of my lifestyle & job I have to eat cold food which at first I found hard, I now eat 4 meals a day which are all cold. Food is fuel for my body and I have to do what I have to do to keep it img-20161023-wa0007going. My diet is a high protein/ high fat diet which works for me.


Proteins – Cod, chicken, turkey, steak, eggs, SCI-MX protein.

Fats- almonds, coconut oil, eggs, avocado.

Carbs – greens, sweet potato, porridge.


SCI-MX BCAAs, SCI-MX Glutamine, SCI-MX CLA, SCI-MX fish oil

Training is hard but I love it. Personally I think a workout has to be challenge, I have to push myself to the extreme. I know I get results by pushing myself harder each and every week. I train glutes 3 times a week but also add some glutes bridges and kickbacks every session. I vary from high rep days, low rep days, push, pull days. Heavy weight sessions mixed with HIIT training (although I’m not a fan of cardio). I do 20 minutes fasted cardio every morning on the cross trainer and 20 minutes every other day after weight training. I make my training session intense enough to really burn fat. (Check out my videos on my social page for inspiration).


How do I feel at this point of my prep? Honestly, I have good and bad days. Most days I am very drained and tired but I also think this is due to my busy life style. I'm a Personal Trainer with up to 10 clients every day, a mum, a partner and I put a huge amount of pressure on myself to be the best.

You can't stop the clock and the countdown is on. I’m ready for the stage!claire-aves-wbff-538


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