Does Extreme Stretching Boost GH and Muscle Growth?

A question being asked by a lot of weight trainers looking for extra growth is whether extreme stretching boosts GH release and muscle growth? Although it may sound a little off the wall, there's evidence that it works – and when you try it, you'll feel why! Check out the facts.....


Muscles are encased by a fibrous fascia which becomes stronger the more you workout. Hardcore trainers maintain that by aggressively stretching a muscle, the fascia will expand and permit enhanced growth. Animal research has confirmed that intense stretching does have real potential for hypertrophy [1]. Muscle tension is also associated with growth hormone secretion, which many experts suggest delivers further growth potential.

It should be noted that advocates of the technique recommend painfully intense stretching – especially that involving resistance. Here are a few examples:

Chest > Hold a pair of dumbbells in a deep stretch at the bottom of the dumbbell press movement and/or flyes for 30-60 seconds.

Biceps > Hold a stretch position at the bottom of a seated dumbbell

Back > Grab a chin up bar as wide as you can and add as much weight as you can handle in the bottom stretch position for 30-60 seconds

Quads > Do a limbo dance movement to get a deep squad stretch; hold for 30-60 seconds

Try these stretch-sets after you've done your regular training.


Flooding the body with BCAA's during workouts is a well-respected method for those in pursuit of optimal muscle anabolism. This makes an intra-workout BCAA drink a no-brainer for the serious trainer. However, given the potential of intense stretching to potentially elevate GH, consuming amino acids that are also pre-cursors to the hormone, could offer an advanced strategy to elicit new growth. The amino's to concentrate on are glycine and glutamine, plus the BCAA's – so taking
BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ during training is ideal.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 1993 Apr;74(4):1893-8. Role of muscle fibre hypertrophy and hyperplasia in intermittently stretched avian muscle.

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