Fasted Cardio Explained

‘Fasted cardio’ is a protocol that’s been used for decades by bodybuilders and physique models to target stubborn fat - but it remains something of a mystical and controversial physique tool.

Most notably, does it really burn more body fat than other forms of cardio — and can it literally catabolise precious muscle tissue? In search of the truth and practical advice, we discussed fasted cardio with Wbff Pro Claire Aves.....

Fasted cardio in a nut shell...fasted-cardio-diagram-538Claire, tell us, what’s the theory behind fasted cardio?shred-x

After fasting the body has very low levels of insulin and blood sugar, which creates the IDEAL FAT BURNING environment in terms of hormonal secretion. Secondly, fasted cardio may TARGET STUBBORN FAT by stimulating resistant type 2 beta receptors to release fatty acids for oxidation. Adding a quality fat burner into the mix can be key for getting results.

Can fasted cardio burn muscle tissue?
Potentially, yes. When fasted, liver glycogen becomes low, meaning the brain starts claire posingfreaking out due to a lack of  glycogen. The body can’t turn to muscle tissue for glucose, since we lack the capacity to divert sugars from the muscle to the brain; instead, the body starts to catabolise muscle tissue into glucose. This is why it’s advisable to consume BCAA’s before/during fasted cardio — THE BODY WILL UTILISE THESE AMINO'S LEAVING PRECIOUS MUSCLE TISSUE WHERE YOU WANT IT. If you load-up on BCAA's before fasted training, and consume an intra-workout, you can also perform weights/HIIT without worrying about muscle breakdown.


How does fasted cardio compare to interval training?  

Interval training is designed to elevate the metabolism and GH, leading to increased post training fat oxidation. In contrast, fasted cardio won’t lead to a good after-burn, but it can be very effective for some people to target stubborn fat (albeit so can HIIT!).

Some people seem to get better results from HIIT, while others rave about the fat melting off them when they add in a few fasted LISS cardio sessions each week.

BEFORE BREAKFAST is the classic time to do fasted cardio, but it’s not the only time to take advantage of a fasted metabolism.

Here are 3 good options:

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Why not try fasted cardio for yourself and let us know how you get on?

Good luck!!

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