Q&A with Dave Tilston: Gluten and Dairy Free

FullSizeRenderWe caught up with Yoga Pro and Calithenics Guru, Dave Tilston, to discuss how he overcame a gluten and dairy intolerance to still achieve a ripped physique.

What’s your intolerance?

Mainly gluten, but dairy isn’t that suited to me either.

When did you find out about this?

Around 4 years ago when I noticed that certain foods complimented my physical performance better than others.

How far into your training were you and what symptoms were you getting?

I had just started training outside of the conventional gym environment using a lot of body weight calisthenics, kettlebells and plyometrics. I was experiencing stomach cramps, poor digestions and an excessive amount of lactic acid build up.

Was it easy to cut gluten out of your diet?

I found it hard to start with, but once you discover the amount of gluten free options out there it makes it a lot easier. I found I started to eat more foods from source rather than relying upon ready-made foods such as pasta, bread etc.

What SCI-MX products have replaced your previous ones? 

I used to use a lot of the multi-blends but found that the milk blends brought on the symptoms. I mainly stick to PRO VX (now PRO V-GAIN) and X-PLODE HARDCORE, but the best of all, is BCAA INTRA HARDCORE for getting in vital protein.

I also have ULTRA WHEY as I’ve found that due to the purity and quality of this product, it doesn't affect my training and lifestyle.

Can you recommend a recipe that helps you overcome a dairy/gluten craving?

Protein pancakes for breakfast are the way forward. They were a big help at the start of my conversion to a paleo diet, to cut any cravings at the start of the day...

  • 3/4 Whole Eggs
  • 80g Almond Butter
  • 2 Scoops of Vanilla PRO V GAINPRO V-GAIN™ PROTEIN
  • Handful of Raisins
  • Mixed Nuts
  • A Chopped Banana (to go on top)

Is it easy to achieve a muscular physique with a dairy/gluten intolerance? Do you ever feel you are working at a disadvantage in comparison to other fitness enthusiasts?

Not at all, I find that it actually helps my performance - It has helped me maintain sub 10% bodyfat for the last 4 years, sitting at 7-8% the majority of the time. If you are looking for mass, this can be found by upping nutrient dense root vegetables. The anti-inflammatory properties of the majority of the vegetables and fruit prevent excessive DOMS from setting in!

Do you have a dairy/gluten intolerant role model or a clean eating guru who you look to for help and advice?

Check out Frank Medrano – he’s a big influence for me as he has achieved a great physical performance with a Vegan Diet, this made me wonder if there were alternative diets that I should be trying.

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson showed extensive research into the effects of 'Primal' eating. I tried it and it worked for me!

What would you recommend for anyone who has discovered the same intolerances?FullSizeRender

1. Experiment to see what effects your training and lifestyle - results are not always apparent through your digestion but can be seen in performance, energy levels, aesthetics, complexion, mobility and joint health.

2. Start to cut out bread as this is one of the biggest offenders, also look at milk and cheese.

3. Self education is one of the biggest assets when looking after our own lifestyle - read every packet so you know what you are consuming, you will be surprised!

4. When changing your diet, do it gradually, as your body will not know what has hit it during the first couple of weeks. Also make it sustainable, if you like eating this way you will 100% stick with it!

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