Helpful Products For Weight Loss


Losing weight – why can't it be as fun as a cheat day feast! A healthy diet combined with the right nutrition can be a great method to burn fat and get ripped – Check out our top 5 recommended products for complimenting a weight loss diet and training regime to get ripped more easily.....


Lean protein is the ticket to quality weight loss – and you need a lot – around 2g/kg body mass!

1. Helps you feel satisfied
2. Maintains metabolism-supporting (and aesthetic) muscle
3. Supports the production of key fat-oxidising compounds
4. Low in calories

Along with chicken/turkey breasts, fish fillets and cottage cheese – protein shakes are an easy way to consume very high quality lean protein. By using a shake containing weight loss support nutrients you'll also benefit from additional ingredients that support weight loss. WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE contains 20g whey protein per serving, plus niacin to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, green tea to mobilise body fat, iodine for metabolic support and CLA fatty acids to help target physique results. Whey protein is also ideal before/after exercise to kick-start muscle maintenance with a rapid supply of amino acids. Take shakes between meals and before/after training to boost your protein.

Everyone's heard of 'fat burning pills' – and by using a scientific supplement such as PYRO MX LEANCORE (great if you're new to fat burners) or SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE (high strength), you can get research proven weight loss support. Effective fat burners work by mobilising and burning body fat, gently increasing body temperature and supporting a healthy metabolism.

Despite the claims of 'keto diet experts', gorging on fat will not help you get a 6-pack by magically burning away body fat! However, eating the right fats in specific concentrations, you'll maximise your metabolic function. Most importantly – ensure a daily intake of essential fatty acids – 3 caps of TRI OMEGA EFA gets the job done! Stack it with CLA 1000 LEANCORE to optimise your fat targeting diet.

You're feeling drained and low on energy – but you still need to train hard to burn stubborn fat and stimulate your muscles..... the solution is weight-loss formulated pre/intra workout drinks:

X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE – take it 30 minutes before you exercise. In addition to a potent amino acid complex, it supports focus and intensity with caffeine, promotes fat oxidation with green tea, helps reduce workout fatigue with vitamin B12 and contributes to a normal metabolism with vitamin B6.

AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE – drink it during your workouts. It contains protein building and GF amino acids to support lean muscle maintenance and growth, 71% RDA vitamin B6 to promote healthy anabolic drive and vitamin B6 and B12 to help combat fatigue.

The dreaded enemy of the ripped – cravings for sweets! When it strikes, stick the kettle on, grab a green tea and munch on a PRO 2GO COOKIE or PRO 2GO DUO BAR – over 20g protein and guaranteed to taste as good as the junk!

Stock-up for an effective assault on weight loss and you'll stay the journey to reach your goal!


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