High Protein Cantaloupe Soup


With this simple, tasty recipe, you can give the oven the day off and still pump out a dish that’ll keep you and your muscles well-nourished. And since cantaloupes are made up of almost 90% water, edible cantaloupe bowls are a crafty way to bolster your summer-hydration endeavours.

Embrace the delight of (not) cooking and make at least one day of this summer effortless!

Why settle for boxed cereal when you don’t feel like making a hot breakfast when there’s this refreshing recipe up for grabs?

Did You Know?

Cantaloupe melons may look a little odd, but they’re seriously tasty and loaded with nutrients. If you don’t think about nabbing a cantaloupe each time you hit the fruit and vegetable section of your supermarket, you may want to think again.

This humble fruit knocks other yellow-orange fruits out of the park when it comes to beta carotene. Beta carotene is a type of carotenoid found in plants which the human body converts to vitamin A (retinol) to help boost your immune system, promote healthier skin, better eye health and vision.

With more beta carotene than grapefruit, apricots, nectarines, mangoes, oranges, peaches and tangerines, orange-flesh melons such as cantaloupe have a similar amount of beta-carotene as carrots.

Its benefits don’t stop there. By eating 160g of cantaloupe, you’ll be getting over 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C which, in turn, aids muscle recovery, promotes collagen production in bones, blood vessels, muscle and cartilage.


  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 340g cottage cheese
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 46g granola
  • 25g pistachios, chopped


  • Cut a cantaloupe in half, and then slice around 1.5cm off the bottoms so both halves sit flat
  • Scoop out the seeds
  • Add the vanilla extract, honey, cottage cheese, and lemon zest
  • In each of the cantaloupe halves, pack in half of the cottage cheese mix
  • Sprinkle on granola and pistachios

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