How Can Training In The Morning Benefit You Long Term?


Life is split into two types of people – bright eyed, bushy tailed morning people and those who hit snooze… several times!

For the latter, dragging yourself out of bed and to the gym in the mornings can be a struggle. But if you want to maximise your training gains – science tells us this is exactly what you should be doing. Although you may not think it as that 6am alarm goes off  - training in the morning also gives you more energy and stamina in the long term.

So why is morning training so good for you?

  1. Your hormones do the work for you

During morning time crucial hormones such as testosterone which help build body mass are elevated. The testosterone cycle is considered to be at its peak at 8am, and enters a steady decline after this. Cortisol (the hormone that wakes your body up) is also highest in the morning immediately after waking up.  This means the morning is the perfect time to take advantage of the circulating hormones giving you more energy for your workout.

  1. It’s good for the brain!

Everyone knows that exercise releases endorphins which are good for motivation and overall mental wellbeing. Exercising in the morning gives you that much needed endorphin- hit meaning that you can start your day in a happy and productive mind set. People who take part in regular aerobic exercise have been found consistently in studies to have overall better mental health, concentration, memory retention and cognitive ability.

  1. You’ll burn more fat throughout the day

Exercising first thing in the morning is proven to help you burn more calories throughout the day.  Exercising in the morning kick starts your metabolism meaning that you burn calories faster throughout the rest of the day. This is known as ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and it means that your body burns more calories after your workout – even if you’re just sitting at your desk! Studies have shown that you can burn an additional 200 calories throughout the day by exercising in the morning.

It may also be of a greater benefit to workout before eating a proper breakfast.  A study by the British Journal of Nutrition found that found exercising on an empty stomach can burn as much as 20 percent more fat than when a meal is eaten first.

  1. You’ll get more sleep at night

If we lead busy lives then the only time we have to fit in exercise may be a trip to the gym after work in the evening. This may seem easier than getting out of bed in the morning, but high-energy exercise too late in the evening can make it difficult to sleep at night. Increasing your adrenalin levels just a few hours before trying to get some shut eye is not conducive to a good night’s rest.

Instead, if you get it out of the way in the morning, by the time you hit the hay you’ll be exhausted by the long day and the early start. An early night will also make it easier to jump out of bed the next day.

  1. You’ll help prevent against chronic diseases

Various studies have shown that morning exercise helps to prevent against chronic diseases more than exercising at any other time of day. Studies have showed that morning exercise can lower blood pressure by up to 25%, whilst other studies have proven that morning exercise before eating lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by protecting against glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

What do the professsionals say?

Che Mills, professional MMA fighter agrees that morning workouts are the best idea for building essential strength.

“I start my workouts at 8am most days. I usually do 60 minutes of high intensity work out such as running. I build this up a week before a fight and do 8am workouts every day. I don’t eat before training in the morning but I always make sure I have a protein shake such as X-PLODE to give me the energy I need.”

Fuel for your morning routine

 Although eating a full breakfast before your morning workout may not be the best idea, giving your body a little fuel to start the day can make sure your maximise the gains from your workout.

 How about trying one of these as a Pre-workout drink?

 X-PLODE HARDCORE™  includes caffeine to boost alertness and aid workout productivity by reducing exertion ratings.

Or how about trying our recipe for the Metabolism Booster Vegan Latte, a mix of cacao powder, almond butter & our protein-rich PRO V-GAIN™ PROTEIN for a real energy kick.

Post workout breakfast

Although we may be working out on an empty stomach, it is of vital importance to make sure that we replace all nutrients, and give our bodies fuel for the rest of the day.

Try our Mass gain smoothie immediately after a workout, followed by a breakfast high in proteins such as eggs and avocados, or our Mango Porridge with chia seeds!


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