HIIT IT HARD – Interval Training To Build Muscle


Everyone knows that 'cardio burns muscle' – right? Well – truth is, yes.... and no! And how about cardio for INCREASING muscle growth? Confused? There's no need to be – check out how do to interval training to support anabolic hormones and growth!


Researchers in New Zealand got elite cyclists (have you seen the squads on those guys?) to do HIIT on a gym bike for 30 minutes:

30 second sprint
30 seconds rest

Here's the thing – they got half the guys to pedal against a high resistance as fast as possible – and the others to do the same against a lower resistance.

The high resistance group increased their testosterone levels by nearly 100% – significantly more than the low intensity guys. The take home message is that you'll get a maximum anabolic response by performing high-resistance cardio – such as a high setting on a machine. Plenty of other research has shown that HIIT
increases mitachondria cell production and myofibrillar nuclei which are vital for growth. This is precisely the opposite affect that steady state cardio can have!


Many HIIT experts suggest using it in 4-week cycles in conjunction with high-volume metabolic workouts (or CrossFit). This primes your body for maximum growth when you switch to a more conventional training plan focussed 100% on gains in strength and growth (e.g. a 5 x 5 plan based on squats, deadlift, shoulder/bench presses). From personal experience – I can tell you this works great!

4-week HIIT plan:
Monday Metabolic circuits/Cross-Fit training
Tuesday HIIT 30 minute rowing/bike/running
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Metabolic circuits/Cross-Fit training
Friday: HIIT 30 minute rowing/bike/running
Weekend: Rest

Remember that HIIT is no regular cardio! You need to fuel-up for your sessions or you're guaranteed to burn-out – take X-PLODE HARDCORE™ pre-HIIT, BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ during and OMNI MX® HARDCORE post-workout.

Try a 4-week HIIT and high-volume weight training plan, cycled with 4-weeks of heavy lifting. Repeat this for a few months and watch your physique get stronger, leaner and more muscular.

Paton, C. D., et al. Effects of low- vs. high-cadence interval training on cycling performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 23(6): 1758–1763, 2009.


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