Interview with SCI-MX Athlete Martin Silva

We caught up with Martin Silva ahead of Sunday's WBFF show in London, where he will be competing for the first time in the Male Fitness Model Category.

First things first - We are blown away by his condition! If you check out Martin's Instagram page, we're sure you'll agree he brings a whole new meaning to the word SHRED and his muscle definition is incredible...


Tell us what the past 12 weeks have been like whilst you've been preparing to hit the stage on Sunday? 

Basically, I introduced cardio into my routine 6 weeks out from my competition. I've been doing cardio 3-4 times a week and I've been mixing between HIIT and fat burning cardio. More importantly, I lift weights everyday and I split muscle groups daily as well. The weight training is important to build and retain muscle tissue whereas the cardio is a fat burning furnace - The weight training is the easiest part!!

Moving onto my nutrition... 6 weeks prior to the comp I cut my 1-2 weekly cheat meals to zero (and it hurt, badly!). Other than that, I kept my diet consistent up until 4 weeks out and then cut my fats right down, as well as bringing carbs down to just 50g per day. This meant my meals become very boring and that's when the mental discipline kicks in!

Right now (3 days out from comp), my mind and body feel drained as a result of eating the same bland food everyday and training/working super hard. Also the fact that my social life is non existent due to the constant food prep/timings/training/water intake and so forth. There's not one second of any day where my mind isn't thinking about the comp - more importantly about BOSSING the stage and taking 1st place on Sunday!! I cannot wait to unleash all of the excitement and preparation on the stage, it's going to be an amazing feeling!

What does winning mean to you? And how do you mentally prepare to be judged on stage?

Winning means absolutely everything to me, to win this comp and become a WBFF Pro would make all of my hard work worthwhile. Everyday for the past few weeks I have pictured myself on stage with the judges sat in front of me, I picture no one else on stage with me and all eyes on me. I believe I will win and I occasionally talk to myself in the mirror to drill the winning spirit into me. The most important thing is, practicing my posing routine - I do between 10-30 mins everyday to perfect every pose.

What tips would you give to people who are thinking of entering competitions?

I would tell them that if it's something they really want to do, then go ahead and do it!! You learn a lot about yourself whilst prepping, there are times where you go down to the trenches and suffer mentally and physically. It's mostly a mental game so it makes you a stronger person whether you win or not. It takes dedication, self-discipline and huge amounts of will power to get yourself stage ready.

You voluntarily put yourself out there for judging. How do you deal with feedback?

To be honest, I've done a few shows now with UKBFF but despite bringing one of the best physiques to the stage, I still haven't won or sometimes even placed top 3! I've had some serious lows due to not placing etc. but I take the feedback on board as best I can,  I know I haven't posed to my strengths in the past which is why I've had a few lessons with fellow SCI-MX ambassador James Alexander-Ellis, so I feel my posing game is up there now.

What is the first thing you're going to eat on Sunday night after the competition?

I'm hoping to go straight to Gauchos Argentinian Steak House and have a big fat burger and chips! I'm also going to take with me a load of treats like chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter etc. to munch on after Gauchos.

Follow Martin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,  or visit his Website for some motivation, plus keep a track of his progress as he fights his way to the top of the fitness industry.

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