Juggling Fitness and Life

WBFF Pro and SCI-MX ambassador, Claire Aves, gives us an insight to how she manages competition prep and home life all at once...


Winning the WBFF pro status was a dream come true! I worked so hard for a year with this show being my 3rd ever competition. I placed 2nd in my previous 2 competitions and finally in May 2015 I got my 1st place earning a PRO card.

My journey hasn't been easy, but it was manageable with a structured training and diet plan, plus a supportive family.

I am a single mum to my 9 year old daughter and a full time personal trainer, so to schedule everything was very hard - I could have a 12 hour day in the gym training clients, training myself and at times I was so busy I’d have to train with clients. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

During my 12 week competition prep, my diet would consist of 6 meals a day ranging from cod, turkey, chicken, steak, greens, avocados and egg whites – a lot of late night food prep for the following day!

I couldn't have done my competition prep without the help from my amazing mum and sisters. My daughter Skye-Lilly is also very supportive, helping me prep my food at times and really does accept the extra time I have to put in. However, I don't let my prep stop me from being a mum - every cheat meal (once a week) I’ll take Skye-Lilly out for dinner, we go to the cinema or bowling so I make sure we have quality time too. It is important to have a balanced life whilst prepping.

During my prep I take the following products...

ULTRA WHEY - With only 5.9g carbs in 2 scoops plus the low fat levels it's easy to add into the macros. We all need a well balanced diet which consists of fats, carbs and protein depending on whether you’re bulking, cutting or maintaining.

X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE  - This is well suited to my body as the green tea and guarana are natural ingredients which leave me feeling good, without getting the shakes afterwards or low energy levels.

SCI-MX 100% PURE GLUTAMINE - This is a pure gem that people don't seem to know much about, but I take it everyday without fail because it's high in antioxidants for anti-ageing plus it repairs my muscles quicker so I don't feel DOMS for as long!


“You should never give up on your dreams! Push and work hard until you have reached where you want to be - No one says it will be easy, if it was easy you wouldn't get the feeling of accomplishment when you reach it!”

Claire Aves

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