Arran Arogundade’s Leg Workout With Berry Blast X-PLODE & Superdry Sport

Arran Arogundade talks us through his essential leg workout for a competition ready physique. Loaded up on SCI-MX X-PLODE HARDCORE (Berry Blast flavour) and wearing Superdry Sport – We find out if the combination was up to the test.

q1I always go heavy on legs and today was no exception! I went for complete reps based on 5x5 sets of each exercise:

The five exercises I took you guys through were box squats, line leg curl, leg press, leg extension and seated calf raise. These are some of my favourite exercises to do in the gym as they're great for building size. Check out the full YouTube video here.

Box Squats: This exercise uses a heavily weighted squat rack and a box that allows you to drop just below parallel. If you’re going heavy I always take my stance slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

arran box squats

Line Leg Curl: This exercise specifically targets the hamstrings. Load up on weight, keep your torso straight, legs fully extended and hands either side of the bench holding the handles. Exhale as you curl your legs up and inhale as you return them to resting.


Leg Press: For this exercise, I went for 10 reps x 5 sets. This exercise focuses on quads (a larger muscle group) so you can push a lot heavier. Remember, don't fully extend and lock the knees, it's important to have a slight bend!


Leg Extension: Another piece of equipment that’s easy to use - My top tip is to keep the toes pointing forward and squeeze the quads at the top once you're fully extended.

leg extention

Seated Calf Raise: Not many people prioritise calves but I always make sure there’s time for the seated calf raise. My top tip is to squeeze the tension at the top of the raise and slowly bring your heels back down.

IMG_9735q2I’m a big fan of SCI-MX X-PLODE HARDCORE. I normally use the orange flavour so it was great to get hold of Berry Blast for this workout. The fruity flavour mixes well, tastes great and gets me buzzing for a heavy session. A great addition to the range… looking forward to tasting the next flavour!berry blastq3I would 100% recommend Superdry Sport. As you’ll see in the workout video it’s really important that I’m not restricted during any of my exercises. The whole outfit, but in particular the men’s shorts and sports joggers were really stretchy whilst remaining fitted throughout the workout. There was no constant rearranging or pulling back into place! As well as standing up to the job physically, they look great when it comes to moulding to my physique, it’s all about 'mass-thetics' when you’re training this hard.

SD Logo Blackq4Easy, you get more out of your workout! Feeling good is linked to looking good and whilst you're confident in what you look like, whether that's in the gym or out on the sports field, your personal performance will reflect how you feel. I know my performance is aided by technical sportswear that wicks sweat, lets the skin breathe, avoids restricting my movement and most importantly, keeps my muscles warm during a heavy session.q5I’m pretty happy with my physique at the moment, I think I have luck on my side when it comes to good genes. However, my main goal this year is to focus on getting bigger legs, it’s a non-dominant area for me and I’m a big fan of the Frank Zane look so I’m striving for the small waist & big legs.

As far as competitions go, I’m undecided if I will complete this year. It’s a ‘watch this space’ scenario but keep tuned in to SCI-MX to find out more as I might get back on stage with the WBFF.


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