Lemon Meringue Pie Day Shake


When you were young, we bet one of your favourite desserts was lemon meringue pie. With its amazingly flaky crust and the luscious lemon layer in the centre, it’s easy to see why this pudding is so popular – even with the most discerning dessert lover.

But the meringue on the top was by far the best part, don’t you think? We’ll admit, even our dedicated athletes like to indulge in a slice of lemon meringue pie as a treat from time to time.

Looking for a healthier, vegan-friendly alternative to celebrate Lemon Meringue Pie Day? This smoothie is exactly what you need. With an impressive 34g of protein, and bursting with revitalising lemony flavour, it’s a healthier option to the much-loved dessert – one your taste buds will go mad for.

Did You Know?

Lemons are bursting with healthy benefits, and above all, they’re a fantastic source of vitamin C. 244g fresh lemon juice provides 187% of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C — take that, oranges! Lemon juice also provides a healthy dose of potassium, magnesium and copper.


👉1 scoop Vanilla PRO V-GAIN™ PROTEIN

👉237ml unsweetened almond milk

👉1 frozen, peeled banana (or 1 ripe banana plus 4-5 ice cubes)

👉1 lemon, peeled, sliced in half (remove white parts and inner seeds)

👉1 tsp fresh lemon zest

👉1 tsp vanilla extract

👉A few drops of almond extract (optional)

👉Silvered almonds and toasted coconut flakes, to garnish (optional)

👉6 ice cubes


👉Add all ingredients apart from the garnishes and ice to your blender. Blend until smooth.

👉 Blend in the ice cubes until no chunks remain.

👉Pour into a glass and devour!

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