Mass Nutrition and Essential Muscle Foods


Add these foods to your weekly shopping list and consume them on a daily basis to support your testosterone production: for mass nutrition, here's some essential muscle foods

Vegetables including cabbage and broccoli contain a compound called I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol) which converts into a very cool substance called DIM (Diindolylmethane) in your digestive tract. DIM scavenges Oestrogen from the body, making testosterone more effective. Recommended intake: 3 fist-sizes servings daily.

Free range eggs
Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol which is the precursor for testosterone synthesis. Studies have shown that eating 3-5 eggs a day does not adversely affect cholesterol levels. Recommended intake: 3-5 eggs per day.

Natural Peanut Butter
This delicious muscle building staple lives up to the hype by fuelling hormone production thanks to a rich supply of monounsaturated fats. Great with protein before bed for slow digestion. Recommended intake: 2 tbs daily.

Flavour your muscle building chilli with crushed garlic. It contains a nutrient called allicin, which neutralises the stress hormone, cortisol, which competed with testosterone for uptake in muscle receptor sites.

Advanced support17-T
the ultimate formula for hardcore natural hormone support. Contains D-Aspartic Acid which is involved in the release and synthesis of (LH) 'T'compounds + Glycine-C2H5N02 with ALC which contribute to pituitary stimulation for GH secretion. It also contains zinc to support serum testosterone and pantothenic acid for hormone metabolism.


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