What Does Fitness Model Xenios Charalambous Eat For Breakfast?

Hi guys – it's true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so SCI-MX have asked me to write a quick post to let you know what I eat for breakfast. I use the same strategy all year round and you can do the same – just change your calorie level depending on whether you're training for mass, maintaining or getting ripped......

STEP 1: PROTEIN > For breakfast I eat around 40-50g of quality protein from mixed-sources to get a good mix of amino acids. I like a little lean red meat at this time, since a lot of in-the-know guys feel it has an energising impact on the body. Whey protein is awesome to 'break the fast' since it gets absorbed quickly to boost protein synthesis.

3 eggs, scrambled
100g lean minced steak (throw in some spinach or peppers)

STEP 2: CARBS > Most of my carbs are split between breakfast and post-workout – the key times you can be sure they're going to be soaked-up by muscles and not converted into body fat. I get a small hit of natural sugars from fruit, combined with complex carbs from oats to stabilise my blood sugar – awesome combo!

60-100g oats (mixed with my protein powder)
1 chopped banana and a handful of blueberries
Cinnamon to taste

STEP 3: GOOD FATS > I don't like to add too much fat to my meals when they contain carbs, but it's important to consume a serving of natural fats and especially essential fatty acids. Coconut oil/MCT's are great with breakfast since they get metabolised like carbs.

Natural fats from egg yolks
Spoonful of flax seeds
Spoon coconut oil in coffee or green tea

STEP 4: CALORIES > The calorie intake at breakfast changes depending on my goal – bulking, maintenance or getting ripped. Protein stays very stable, so the main difference is boosting or reducing carb intake, which can be done by simply switching between OMNI MX® HARDCORE and ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN.


2 eggs scrambled and mixed with 100g lean mince steak, green peppers, Worcestershire sauce

100g oatmeal mixed with OMNI MX® HARDCORE, 1 banana, blueberries, flax seeds


1 cup of coffee with a spoon of coconut oil

There you have it – how to eat breakfast like a serious physique trainer!

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