“Pain, Gain And Ultimate Muscle”


Pain & Gain - Ultimate Muscle Mass

Films like the Fast and Furious collection and 'Pain & Gain', give an adrenalin rush to push the boundaries and train hard! Aside from being a must have DVD for anyone into the gym and featuring actors downing weight gain shakes like OMNI-MX HARDCORE - it has real-life significance if you are looking to add size and strength...


Because it features a pumped-up Mark Wahlberg, who had little option but to pack on size for the role (given the film's title and starring alongside the Rock!). Furthermore, the actor is relatively average in terms of height and frame size, so unlike genetic freaks, his physique can be viewed as realistic for the average trainer.

Wahlberg reportedly packed on anything from 20-30lbs of muscle mass pre-filming. Regardless of precisely how much mass he added, he did a decent job of bulking-up. Simply put – hardcore gyms, protein shakes and bikini clad women aside, his transformation is a good example of what is achievable when you combine intense training, good nutrition and a quality gainer such as OMNI-MX HARDCORE.

What should you aim for with a realistic muscle bulk plan?OMNI MX® HARDCORE

  • Gain 1-2lbs of quality mass, weekly
  • Add weight/reps to the bar in every workout
  • Minimise fat gain to maintain a good-looking physique

Whalberg looks pretty 'built', with adequate definition, probably in the 12% body fat range. This is decent MMA fighter/rugby player condition and a look that tends to get respect from guys and admirable glances from women. Attaining these kind of gains is ideal for rugby players, in addition to guys who want to boost confidence by looking big and muscular – or pack on serious muscle before getting ripped in the spring and summer.

However, when you're going all-out for size and mass, you're not going to be ultra-ripped (below 10%) unless you have killer genetics. Your body requires too many calories to train hard and pack on 1-2lbs of quality mass per week, to get shredded. However, the key is to minimise fat gain and maximise lean gains. This is achievable by using our 10 tips below:


  1. Calories: To gain rapid mass eat 15-20 calories per lb of body mass – that's  a lot of food! Opt for as much unprocessed food as possible and supplement your diet with OMNI-MX HARDCORE for GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEMconvenient, optimised mass gain nutrition.
  1. Protein: Consume 2g of protein per kg of body mass daily, preferably from highly bioavailable sources (fish, meat, eggs, cottage cheese, protein shakes such as GRS 9-HOUR or OMNI-MX HARDCORE.
  1. Optimal nutrient intake: Eat a balanced ratio of carbs, protein and fat with approximately 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. You need carbs for training energy and anabolism, fat for healthy hormones and protein for muscle growth!
  1. Eat regularly: Consuming 3 solid meals plus 2-3 shakes remains the optimal strategy for supporting training energy and a positive nitrogen balance for 24-7 growth support.
  1. Workout nutrition: Consume a scientific protein/carb shake before and after training (1 serving of OMNI-MX HARDCORE pre/post training is ideal) for maximum anabolic support. Add a pre-workout supplement and BCAA's intra-workout for enhanced results.
  1. Healthy Hormones: Ensure sufficient sleep, avoid excess alcohol and consume 2 daily servings of OMNI-MX HARDCORE, which contains zinc and vitamin B6. Serious trainers may also wish to add a product such as TESTODRIVE HARDCORE to their stack.
  1. Pre-sleep nutrition: Consume a serving of GRS 9-Hour before bed with a handful of nuts to supply your body with slow-release nutrition for sustained over-night growth support.
  1. Progress monitoring: Keep a log of your progress to ensure muscle gains without excess body fat (invest in a good set of body fat scales). If you're not gaining weight, boost calories by 250-500 daily. If you're gaining excessive fat, cut back by 250-500 and reassess after 7 days.
  1. Serious weight training: Train 3-5 times per week and really focus on increasing your reps and weight, training within a rep range typically of 5-12; this will increase both muscle cell volume (sarcoplasmic growth) and dense, hard contractile proteins (myofibrillar hypertrophy). Always aim to add weight/reps when you train, to maximise lean gains.
  1. Nutrient timing: Aim to eat the largest percentage of your carbohydrates shortly before and especially in the 1-2 hours post-workout. This strategy will spike insulin and blood sugar at the right time – driving nutrients into muscle cells. By consuming low-moderate carbs at other times of day, you'll be more likely to gain lean mass!

If you're looking to transform your body and pack-on HARDCORE muscle mass just like Mark Wahlberg; use OMNI-MX HARDCORE.


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