Protein Shakes for Weight Gain


Combining protein shakes with a healthy balanced diet can help you gain weight.

Gaining weight can be more difficult for people with a higher metabolism, those who exercise vigorously and frequently, as well as for people with medical issues that may affect their ability to gain weight.

However, being underweight can lead to health issues including fatigue and malnourishment, therefore, it is important to get yourself to a healthy weight without necessarily bingeing on saturated fats and high-cholesterol food options.

Instead, supplementing your diet with gainer based protein shakes may help you reach your weight gain target, without the risk of gaining excess unwanted fat.

First, let’s look at the factors required to gain weight and whether a protein shake can help.

So how do you gain weight?

Rule 1: Consume more calories than you burn.

You won’t put on weight if you are burning more calories than you consume. In order to gain weight, it is a known fact that more calories should go into the body than the energy it is putting out.

Protein shakes can help. By adding one or two protein shakes into your current diet, you can add the extra calories you need in order to gain weight. Think of protein shakes as your 11’s or afternoon snack to stop you munching on high in sugar products.

Rule 2: Refuel, at least, every three hours.

Whenever you are running on empty your body is burning up calories. By eating modest amounts every three hours, you are fuelling each activity you do. It should also help stop the ‘slump’ from big refeeds at set meal times or that need to food hunt when you’ve reached your hunger point during the day.

Rule 3: Get enough protein.

Consuming a balanced amount or carbohydrates, protein and fat can help you gain weight safely. Protein helps you gain weight but also makes the muscles leaner.

The guideline for the amount of protein you should be consuming is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, however, this amount increases depending on the amount of physical activity you’re doing.

By drinking one of our all-in-one products we’ve carefully measured your macros for you. If you’re unsure which product would benefit your goals drop our experienced team an email

Rule 4: Make sure your work outs are fuelled efficiently.

Re-fuelling both pre and post-workout is the most important rule of diet and exercise. If you want to get bigger following a workout, it is essential that the muscles have enough protein to repair and rebuild themselves to become leaner as well as gaining size.

While the pure protein in a protein shake provides replenishment and nourishment for the muscles before and after a workout, it is important to use protein shakes alongside a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Drinking protein shakes to gain weight

So how can you use protein shakes to gain weight? and how long does it take to grow muscle after exercise?

  1. Drink 1-3 shakes per day (as directed in the instructions), in addition to 3-5 healthy, balanced meals per day (eat little and often to avoid big meal slumps).SUPER MASS XL
  2. Avoid getting to a point where hunger strikes and you start the kitchen raid for high sugary snacks.
  3. Mix the protein shake with full-fat milk, rather than water, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk options.
  4. Ensure you are getting enough carbohydrates and vitamins from your diet, in addition to the added protein.

The best SCI MX protein shake for weight gain


SUPER MASS XL is formulated for real size. 1 shake contains an impressive 52g protein, with 17g of fat & 194g of carbohydrates per serving whilst being enriched with vitamins and minerals.

It is a great choice of powder to add into a balanced diet to increase your protein intake. With 3 flavours available from blueberry muffin to double choc chip it can be enjoyed anytime during the day.


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