Pump Up Your Protein Consumption With These Top 7 Foods


Pump Up Your Protein with Our Top 7 Ultimate Protein Picks

Lifting weights on a regular basis? Pushing yourself whenever you hit the gym but not seeing the results you want quickly enough? It can all boil down to one thing: Not eating enough protein.

Whilst our awesome whey protein powders, protein supplements and shakes will no doubt help you gain greater results (as whey protein increases muscle strength and fat-free muscle mass), consuming adequate amounts of high-quality protein in your daily diet – think red and white meat, fish and eggs – is vital for giving your body and muscles the much-needed nutrients to lay down new muscle tissue speedily and successfully.

We’ve narrowed down the top seven protein-rich foods, essential for building muscle and aiding recovery.

Greek Yogurt

Thick compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is made by straining the whey out which is why it’s mouth-wateringly creamy and thick. Even better? It contains double the amount of protein of a normal yoghurt and provides gut-friendly probiotic bacteria as well as bone-building calcium. You’ll find a considerable amount of protein in just a small portion. Why not add some fresh fruit or honey as added flavour? You could even use it to make a savoury sauce.yogurt

Cottage Cheese

Available in whole and reduced-fat versions, cottage cheese is laden with slow-digesting casein protein which provides your muscles with a steady supply for amino acids needed for muscle development and strength. It’s worth double-checking the labels, as some brands can be high in sodium. You could swap ricotta cheese or sour cream for cottage cheese and use it in a chilli or creamy dishes – or even add some fruit and cinnamon to it if you have a sweet tooth.


These small foods pack a massive protein punch! Eggs contain around 6 grams of high-quality protein, with goose eggs containing even more protein than regular chicken eggs. What’s more, eggs are high in numerous vitamins, such as vitamins A, E and K, in addition to a whole host of B vitamins, including B12 (energy), riboflavin and folic acid. As if that wasn’t enough, they contain all eight essential amino acids needed for prime muscle recovery and building valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron. The white part of the egg contains no fat whatsoever, whilst the yolk of an egg (yellow) contains about 5 grams of fat BUT only a small proportion of this is saturated fat (bad fat) - about 1.6 grams.


Milk is packed with protein, with around nine grams per glass. Even better? That protein contains all eight essential amino acids, and can be gladly used by your body for repair and development. Milk includes two specific types of protein: casein, which accounts for 80% of the total protein matter, and whey, which makes up the outstanding 20%. Both are first-class, muscle-building proteins; in fact, you’ll find whey in our ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN, WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™, WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™ and 100% WHEY ISOLATE powders.  

Whey Protein

The ideal addition to any fat-loss or muscle-burning diet, whey protein comes from milk and delivers a complete source of protein, supplying the body with all the essential amino acids. Easily digestible, whey is a natural by-product of the cheese-making process. You’ll find it in foods such as ricotta cheese, yogurt, milk, cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella, swiss and other cheeses made with rennet enzymes that coagulate casein. And, needless to say, whey protein is used to make our powder supplements. Low-calorie and fast-digesting, whey protein is just the ticket for a post-workout snack, or as a first thing in the morning, or even together with low-protein meals!whey-plus-rippedcore


A good steak takes some beating when it comes to protein. Eat a 300g steak, and you’ll get your recommended intake of zinc which helps repair tissue and muscle after exercise. It also converts food to fuel. One of the richest natural sources of the strength booster creatine monohydrate, beef is an incredibly top-notch muscle building aid. Steak, rib eye especially, is a brilliant source of complete protein, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, niacin in addition to vitamins B6 and B12.

Pork Chopssteak

When you want to pig out, plump for a pork chop; it’ll give you an abundance of muscle-sculpting protein, so you really don’t have to feel guilty about bingeing on the protein-rich meat. Pork tenderloin is one of the leanest cuts of pork, delivering a big boost of complete protein. Nearly 75% of the calories come from protein, while only about 25% of the calories come from fat. And the best news? Meats, including pork, don’t have carbohydrates.


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