Recipe of the day – Peanut Buttercups


A big thanks to SCI-MX ambassadors Jason and Kristian Eacock for today's top recipe! These peanut butter cups are simple and tasty, high in protein and low in carbs.

Calories : 128 kcals
Fat: 5g
Protein: 18.5g
Carbs: 2.5g

Serves 6


5 egg whites (preferable pasteurised as they will not be cooked)
2 table spoons of Peanut Butter
100g of ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN (vanilla)
50ml almond milk

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients into a mix bowl until left with a thick chocolate batter! Adjust the almond milk to get the correct consistency!

Split the mix into 6 silicone muffin cups and place in the freezer for a few hours till they are set!


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