Recommended Training Frequency For Hardcore Growth


The process of progressive overload is a no-brainer!

When it comes to increasing muscle strength and size! You need to expose a muscle to increased training stress and make progress on a consistent basis. However, it's equally as obvious that 'all work and no rest' is a sure-fire strategy to kill your gains. So precisely how frequently should you train a muscle for hardcore growth?


Effective growth is all about stimulating a muscle and then providing it with protein, nutrients and rest to grow back bigger. Training a muscle too frequently runs the risk of breaking it down before it's fully healed and grown. It's similar to grazing your knee; if you don't wait for the scab to form and naturally peel away, you'll simply cause more damage before the body creates thicker, tougher skin!

One of the best strategies for knowing when to train a muscle again is monitoring your training progression... You can train a muscle as soon as it’s ready to contract with maximum force and high-intensity endurance. Typically, most trainers following a regular weights workout get optimal results hitting a muscle group once every 5-7 days. Research and testing supports the view that this time frame creates an environment where muscle tissue is fully healed and growth has been maximised – training after this will ensure sustained progress!


In theory, the more frequently you’re able to train productively (i.e. with progression), the faster and more impressive your growth will be. In contrast, infrequent training or unproductive workouts will make progress much less potent. Unsurprisingly, nutrition and sleep are crucial to speed recovery, so ensure you’re hitting your macro’s and getting 8 hours of shut-eye! Supplements around workouts can make a dramatic difference to how you recover from training. Get the hardcore basics right with AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE™ or CREAPLEX HARDCORE™ during training and OMNI MX® HARDCORE or your preferred shake post-training.


Your style of training tends to impact how frequently a muscle can be stimulated; lower rep strength plans such as 5 x 5 causes less micro trauma and enables muscle groups to be worked 2-3 times a week, while higher rep bodybuilding style routines (e.g. 10 x 10 GVT workouts) typically require 5-7 days recovery. Other training methods employ strength and hypertrophy days, which can enable hardcore trainers to stimulate a muscle group multiple times per week without over-training (e.g. 5 x 5 reps bench press on Monday, and 3 x 10-12 on Thursday).

The key message when it comes to hardcore growth and training frequency is PROGRESS – if your nutrition and supplementation is spot on, but you’re not growing, then consider whether you’re training too frequently or having too much rest? Everyone’s genetics are different, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


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