A review of SCI-MX BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ by SCI-MX athlete Martin Silva

If you're into training you'll know BCAAs are a must! They are a fantastic supplement for optimising muscle building potential during training. One of our best-selling BCAAs is BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ which contains a high concentration of BCAAs to trigger muscle growth and aid recovery. SCI-MX athlete and Men's Physique competitor, Martin Silva, gives us his feedback on BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ ...

"I was first introduced to branched chain amino acids whilst beginning my training regime for my first UKBFF Men's Physique competition. I had a rough idea of the benefits BCAAs offer, but I wasn't fully aware of how essential this product was in terms of maintaining my muscle mass.

I started off using SCI-MX BCAAs in tablet form (before I was sponsored by SCI-MX) but then realised it was almost impossible for me to get the dose I needed through tablets.

I made the switch over to BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ which is a powdered form. I have now competed 5 times and this product is by far the most important supplement I've used simply because without it; I would be losing muscle which is a no go!!

- 1 scoop of BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™ = 9g of BCAA and 12.6g of protein!

- I have 2 scoops each time I train, and I train twice a day whilst prepping for a competition so that's 4 scoops!

- I tend to sip it whilst doing my fasted early morning cardio and then the same whilst lifting weights. This ensures that my amino acid levels are spiked whilst they metabolise during training.

Without using this product during my early morning cardio I would be burning muscle as well as fat which would then mean losing the muscle gains I've worked so hard to obtain. Also with only 0.1g of sugar per serving this ensures that there is a high conversion of energy to protein.

Due to my intense training regimes there's no way I would have been able to achieve what I've achieved without this product - it speeds up my recovery, stores my muscle and keeps my amino acid levels just where they should be."

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