A Review of SCI-MX X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ by SCI-MX athlete Martin Silva

Men's physique competitor and PT, Martin Silva, has confirmed he uses a pre-workout when feeling tired and run down, or to really boost his energy and make the most of training sessions. He's reviewed our newest pre-workout product X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™, our first thermogenic pre-workout that's proving to be incredibly popular.

"In the past I have experimented with quite a few different pre-workout supplements.

Don't get me wrong, I have had good results from 1 or 2 other pre-workout supplements, however, what I think separates SCI-MX X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™ from the rest of the market is the natural stimulants which this product is derived from and the high dose of vitamin B6 and B12. Most pre-workout supplements I have tried, contain many different types of artificial stimulants and too high a dose of pure caffeine which tends to give me a crash afterwards!

I think because SCI-MX tend to use more plant based stimulants (such as guarana, green tea extract etc.) I get the kick I'm after, but no crash.

This product contains 97mg caffeine compared to around 300mg that some other pre-workouts have in them! The vitamin B6 and B12 also plays a huge part in this formula, as vitamin B6 plays a key role in energy production and B12 helps reduce workout related fatigue. I guess the main question is: Do you train harder once you've had a hit of X-PLODE RIPPEDCORE™?

The simple answer is yes! I must admit, I have increased my dosage to 1 and a half scoops as opposed to the 1 scoop I started with, but obviously your tolerance levels sometimes increase and as I work long hours and train hard, it means I sometimes need a little extra! I tend to have this pre-workout around 20-30 mins before I start training and I use it around 3-4 times a week. Currently I do 2 heavy leg sessions per week and without this supplement I'm certain I wouldn't be able to sustain this level of intensity.

So if you do the maths this product is guaranteed to give you bang for your buck!"

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