Review of X-PLODE HARDCORE™ from SCI-MX athlete Nick Jones

Our best-selling and infamous pre-workout, reviewed by SCI-MX athlete and fitness competitor Nick Jones...

"A good pre-workout is essential for me personally, and I've tried A LOT over the years. I find with most pre-workouts, I have felt an initial huge spike in energy and that pumped-up feeling, but after 45 mins or so of intense training, there has always been a noticeable drop off, like a super Mario style star man power up; you're buzzing for a short time then, boom - nothing!

But 'X-PLODE HARDCORE™' is king in my eyes.

That initial invincible feeling you get and massive pump paired with the energy boost stays constant throughout my whole workout (mine range from 1.5 to 2 hours), no drop offs at any point, just a slow come down as you reach the end of your session, almost as if it knows when you have finished your workout.

An added bonus - the orange flavour is awesome."

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