Road to WBFF – Behind the Scenes

Yesterday we were at Gym 66 in Cheltenham shooting this November's WBFF competitors. It was an awesome day and we got some great shots of the team! The atmosphere was pumped with only days left until they hit the stage.

It was our first shoot with newest SCI-MX athlete Anna, who has definitely given the guys a run for their money!

We managed to chat to a few of the guys in between shoots to find out how they're feeling 3 days out...

SCI-MX: Dan, how's the last 8 weeks been for you?

DAN: Tough does not even come close, I've been training 5 hours a day and eating a lot less than normal, but believe me it's worth it!

ANNA: I have had ups and downs that's for sure, but I always try to stay positive and determined. When the pressure is on it's all about how you deal with it. Controlling your mind and staying focused is the hardest part, but once you do... it's easy.

SCI-MX: Why do people enter the WBFF?

JOE: Mainly to raise profiles, it's a great way to get into the fitness industry through a reputable federation.

SCI-MX: Are you nervous about getting on stage?

MARTIN: Nope not nervous, just so pumped to get out there and reveal my transformation!

SCI-MX: What's been the most enjoyable part during your prep?

DRAGOS: It has to be seeing the changes to my physique.

JOE: The refeed days for sure!!!

SCI-MX: What's been the hardest part of the run-up to the competition?

ANNATrying to live up to your own expectations, nothing is ever good enough and I can always see areas I would like to improve on. But I guess it's that attitude that leads to constant improvement.

A massive thanks to Matt Marsh and also Lee, Matt and Troy from Envigor Media/Rage TV, we are looking forward to seeing the outcome.

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