SCI-MX Athlete Daniel Ventura Reviews TRI OMEGA EFA™

Fitness model and WBFF winner Daniel Ventura, a long term SCI-MX fan and sponsored athlete reviews our TRI OMEGA EFA™...

"Want to avoid colds and flu? Of course you do!

For years I've been taking SCI-MX's TRI OMEGA EFA™, their complete essential fatty acid formula containing cold water fish oils and flaxseed oil and I don't suffer from these common illnesses. Why I hear you ask... Well it's because fish oils massively improve your immune system to stave off these otherwise debilitating ailments.

Hopefully by now, most of us know the importance of fish oils in our diet. None come better than a perfect blend of tri omega 3, 6 and 9. Not only are these good for your heart and help clear arteries, they'll help you lose weight, combat mild depression and improve your skin, hair and nails. Plus the Brucey bonus is of course they give you a rock hard immune system to keep you out of bed through the winter.

SCI-MX's TRI OMEGA EFA™ form part of my everyday diet and have done for many years. I do of course still get fish oils etc from the food I eat but taking these supplements guarantees I get my daily essential oils. My fiancé has always said to me how soft my skin is for a man and I can only attribute this to the fish oils in my diet. Not only that, I strongly believe the reason I don't have wrinkles at the ripe old age of 37 is because of this precious oil. If you don't want to get sick, have a heart attack, have excess body fat and be unhealthy get some tri omega into your life!"

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