Super Lean Smoothie


Here's a Super Lean Smoothie recipe from Renowned PT and Fitness Model James Alexander-Ellis:

Says James:
Most guys who train with weights want to look and feel 'big' - it's human nature! However, if you want to look incredible on the beach the you need to drop the ego and give yourself 'permission to be lighter'. The fact is that you can look muscular at 15% body fat and have a decent physique. However, if that guy wants to get really defined with cut abs, then he;s going to have to get down to a minimum of 10% body fat and often in the 6-8% range. Because fat cells retain a lot of water, when you lose adipose tissue you get a compounded weight loss impact, and it can be a bit of a shock to drop 15-20lbs! However, don't forget that when you get ripped, you'll often look bigger with your shirt off thanks to your muscle definition. What's more, your strength: weight ratio can sky-rocket! It's also worth taking a look at elite MMA fighters - these guys are 'light' but they're seriously powerful and very muscular.

Here's James' recipe for a Super Lean Smoothie:

1 Tablespoon natural almond butter
1 Tablespoon crushed flax seeds

The benefits;
It follows the JAE approach to getting ripped, by slashing the carbs and replacing some of the calories with healthy fats. Flax seeds are also associated with healthy testosterone levels.


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