Survival Of The Fittest – 4 Week Nutrition Plan


When it comes to crushing a 10K obstacle course, making sure you have that right fuel in the tank is a crucial element of success.

The amount of training that needs to go into your routine to ensure you are fit, healthy and injury-free for the big race day means you need to alter your intake of food. Things like circuit training, HIIT, resistance training, distance running and strength conditioning are all ideal to help conquer obstacles and maintain momentum as you move between challenges, so as you up your training, it’s important to increase things like healthy carbs on running days especially. However, protein is a must to help the muscles repair after each and every training session, with the optimal amount of protein in grams dependant on your weight,  height and training demands (a PT can help you formulate exact measurements).

Not sure how to up the protein? Don’t worry - we’ve created an easy cheat-sheet four week meal plan chocked full of suggestions that could support your efforts as you ready yourself for the world’s most exciting obstacle course challenge…

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Dislaimer: This above is a basic guide to helping you through a 4 week period in the lead up to 'Survival Of The Fittest'. This plan assumes a basic level of fitness & can be adapted according to your fitness and body type. We always recommend seeking advice & help from a qualified nutritionist.

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