Survival Of The Fittest – 4 Week Training Plan


In addition to clean eating, a lot of training is needed to get up to the necessary fitness level to be able to smash every obstacle challenge on the course.

Of course, you’ll need endurance to complete the 10k, but along the way you’ll be going over, under and through a variety of objects in different terrain (come on, you didn’t think we’d make it that easy, did you?) For this reason, combining regular distance running with things like high intensity and circuit training, weight lifting,  and strength conditioning will give you a fighting advantage.

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Dislaimer: This above is a basic guide to helping you through a 4 week period in the lead up to 'Survival Of The Fittest'. This plan assumes a basic level of fitness & can be adapted according to your fitness and body type. We always recommend seeking advice & help from a qualified PT.

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