Top 10 Tips For Burning Fat and Retaining Muscle


When it comes to burning fat, there's a key factor that many trainers aren't aware of – and that's the potential limit on your body's natural capacity to release and oxidise stored body fat during a 24-hour time frame.

This limit becomes lower as you get leaner – along with a greater risk of muscle catabolism. It's why fat loss can often seem stubborn when you're so close to awesome abs! Check out the 10 tips below to increase your summer fat burning with smart training, supplementation and eating...

1. Hit the weights hard 2-3 times weekly to lay the foundation for muscle retention when dieting.

2. Interval train for 45 minutes twice a week to potentially increase the release of stored fatty acids above regular levels.

3. Use a scientific calorie deficit of around 31 x your lbs of body fat - don't fall for the trap of training for hours to create huge energy deficits!

4. Eat 1.8-2.2g protein/kg body mass daily to prevent muscle being turned into glucose for energy and promote lean muscle growth/maintenance.

5. Go low carb for 2-3 hours pre-workout to keep blood sugar/insulin low and prime your body to burn fat.

6. Supplement with SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ for 4 weeks during intensive fat loss phases. Using a scientific fat burner is an effective method to maximise or potentially increase the rate of fat oxidation when dieting and support metabolic rate. As an example, the potent antioxidant in green tea (EGCG) is believed to increase fat oxidation during training by inhibiting the breakdown of substances that stimulate fatty acid release from cells.

7. Drink AMINO INTRA RIPPEDCORE™ during training to help protect muscle and tap into the fat. Experiment with fasted training (i.e. training in the morning fuelled only by your BCAA drink and fat burner).

8. Consume a quality post-workout protein shake such as ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN or WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™ to stimulate muscle retention.

9. Carb cycle by eating higher carbs and lower fat on the days you do weights – then switch to higher fat and low carbs (under 100g) on rest/cardio days.

10. Boost calorie intake by 500-1000kcals 1-2 times weekly as you get leaner (on your heaviest weights days) to maintain a healthy metabolism and stimulate muscle building hormones.

So there you have it – slower fat loss is a real phenomena as you get leaner, and we all have a limit on the amount of fat that can be metabolised on a daily basis. This calls for dedication and patience to build a truly awesome physique. However, using these 10 tips will help you max-out and potentially increase your calorie burn from stored fat!


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