Top Training Tunes To Power Your Workouts


 We all know the difference it makes when we’ve got some good tunes coming through our headphones, when we’re at the gym or on our morning run. There are certain tunes that get us pounding that tarmac harder than others, and push us that extra mile when we’re feeling exhausted.

It’s not just about personal preference either (although liking the music helps), there is an actual science behind the right and the wrong kind of music to listen to, to maximize your workout.

Follow these top training tips for tailor made training tunes

  • For high intensity workouts such as running or interval training, music that is between 120-140 beats per minute is going to be the best motivator.
  • Bass driven music with a strong beat can be helpful for mimicking the fall of your feet, and to keep timing during repetitive movements such as push ups or squats.
  • Fast with upbeat lyrics – We may all love Radiohead, but lets face it, they don’t get us in the mood to pump some iron. Choosing fast music with upbeat and motivational lyrics can help that gym session go a lot faster.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at some potential contenders to add to your essential workout playlist.

For the Warm-Up

  • ProblemAriana Grande, Iggy Azalea – Fast paced with sassy lyrics, this club favourite is guaranteed to make you pick up the pace on the treadmill.
  • Timber- Pitbull - A strong baseline beat, and upbeat lyrics will get your feet moving as soon as this tune hits your ears

Perfect Running Tunes

  • One More Time- Daft Punk- At over 5 minutes long, this is a great tune to stick on during that warm up run. It has a steady beat and repetitive lyrics making it perfect to zone out and focus on your workout

For Pumping Iron

For the warm down

Top Tip: Create different playlists for different workouts i.e weights playlist/cardio playlist, and change it often. This way you won’t get bored of the same tunes or, even better, drop us a follow on Spotify here and check out our playlists to keep you going at the gym.


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