The Ultimate Cheat Day Burger


You made it to cheat day without so much as a wiff of the wrong food. Now you’re craving something ridiculously rewarding and we have just the thing.

Time to take on the ultimate burger challenge.

Here’s how to stack:

Breaded bun, sliced. 277 kCal approx.

Tomato sliced, sprinkling of lettuce leafs (for colour) 6 kCal approx.

1 x thick & tender 100% beef burger 265 kCal approx.

1 x fried egg 107 kCal approx.

2 x sausages, sliced. 116 kCal approx.

3 x rashes of bacon, crisp 213 kCal approx.

3 x thick slices of black pudding 273 kCal approx.

1 x chicken breast 106 kCal approx.

1 x gammon wedge 166kCal approx.

Tomato sauce 9 kCal approx.

Topped with 6 onion rings. 264 kCal approx.

Side of chips 480 kCal approx.

Side of coleslaw 50 kCal approx.

1 x large pint to wash it all away. 238 kCal approx.

Calories: 2570 kCal approx.

Happiness: Level full.

Location optional but we opted for riverside at ‘The Boat’ in Ashleworth, Gloucestershire who masterminded this meat feast for us.

Burger challenge accepted? Send us your efforts.


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