When you watch track and field, which athletes do you want to look like? Chances are it's not the ultra-lean, wiry framed distance runner or the massively powerful shot-putter. Like most athletics fans, you'd probably like to build the kind of physique seen on 100m runners, decathletes and hurdlers. What's the secret behind those athletes’ powerful bodies and lean, muscular physiques? Here's how to quickly gain the physique of a sprinter.

Build explosive power and lean muscle in the gym

In the gym, focus on functional, power-based moves including the classic Olympic lifts. The first step is to get someone experienced and qualified to show you good technique and form. Once you can perform the moves perfectly with little or no weight on the bar, load the bar up and get to work with lifts from this list:

• Squats
• Front squats
• Deadlifts
• Sumo deadlifts
• Clean and presses
• Military presses
• Snatches

These demanding exercises will not only build muscle and power but endurance, too. They challenge the entire body as well as putting force through specific muscle groups like the back, quads, hamstrings and shoulders. The result? A full-body resistance routine which also delivers a great fat-burning CV workout.

Intervals will fast-track physique change

You don’t need to be able to run 100m in 9.60 seconds to look like a sprinter. Include short intervals and hill reps in your training and blast away excess body fat to reveal lean, powerful legs, shoulders, arms and abs. If you have access to a running track, try a pyramid session:

Warm up: 800m (two laps) and dynamic stretching

followed by:

• 4x200m
• 2x400m
• 1x800m
• 2x400m
• 4x200m

Warm down: 400m followed by stretching

No running track? No problem. Find a quiet stretch of pavement, even-surfaced footpath or local playing field and sprint short distances, recover and sprint again. Local football pitches are great: sprint the long sides and jog or walk the ends.

Then find your local area's steepest hill. After warming up, power up the hill as hard as you can, before walking or jogging to the bottom. Rest for 30 seconds before running up again. Do as many repetitions as you can (anything between 6 and 12 is great).

Use supplements like a pro to look like a pro

Training to boost power and build muscle demands a lot from your body so you need to hit every training session mentally and physically ready to give it 100% and get 100% out of it in return. Take SCI-MX X-PLODE HARDCORE™ 30 minutes before training to give you the boost you need to run hard and lift heavy. An essential part of your daily routine should be a creatine supplement - SCI-MXCREATINE CT-MX™ and SCI-MX CREAPLEX HARDCORE™ contain research-proven muscle building ingredients and are superior in formulation to ordinary creatine. They are guaranteed to give you more explosive power for better workouts, enabling you to push through to the finish, grow in size and strength. Ensure that your hungry muscles are fed with the amino acids they need to develop by using SCI-MX GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN . It continues to release a steady stream of amino acids for up to eight hours - longer than any other protein. For rapid lean muscle gain, SCI-MX MUSCLE MEAL LEANCORE™ is an ideal meal replacement and is packed with scientifically proven muscle gain ingredients.

Build upper body power for great shape

There's nothing like a well-defined upper body for proving how hard you work in the gym. Classic exercises like bench presses and bicep curls will go a long way to defining your upper body, but there's more to perfect pecs and awesome arms than repeating the same old routine. Get yourself out of a rut by taking a fresh approach to your upper body.

Boost your back

Don't forget your back. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean you shouldn't train it hard. Consider what a large area your back covers and how many muscle groups it includes: your traps, rhomboids and lats to name a few. Include these exercises to build power, size and definition right across your back:

Deadlifts: for the lower back and entire posterior chain

Barbell rows: for the rear delts and mid back

Single arm dumbbell rows: for the rear delts and rhomboids

Inverted rows: advanced athletes could place a weighted plate on their chest

Cable rows: vary the angle to hit the upper back, mid back and rear delts

Lat pull-downs: to create a great V-taper through the lats

A classic chest

Everyone loves a wide, defined chest. It's the ultimate symbol of someone who knows their way around the weights room. But there's more to chest training than bench presses and dumbbell flyes. Try these exercises to hit your chest from every angle:

Decline barbell presses: for the lower part of the pecs

Incline dumbbell flyes: try supersetting these with dumbbell rows using the same bench - just turn over

Double or single arm cable flyes: to keep the resistance throughout the entire movement

Chest dips on the parallel bars: lean your body forward to hit the pecs

Press ups with feet elevated on a bench: body weight exercises definitely have a place in upper body training

Shape your shoulders

Shoulders are the final part in the athletic, muscular upper body equation. Often overlooked, it's essential that you train shoulders if you want to have a balanced physique. Full, capped shoulders are the perfect compliment to powerful lean arms and a wide, strong chest.

Military press: use a loaded bar and power it up

Clean and press: using a loaded bar or dumbbells, this pulse-raiser combines an upright row and shoulder press

Shoulder press: use dumbbells to avoid one shoulder taking most of the weight

Pull-ups: wide-grip pull-ups will shape the shoulders and add extra work through your back

Front raises: use cables or dumbbells Lateral raises: this one’s all about technique. Reduce the weight to ensure perfect form for maximum results

Upper body training is fun and rewarding and, if you want to see really fast results and visibly noticeable improvements to your physique, you must combine the right supplements with your training. To see really fast results, try using our best selling and most popular muscle gain product,OMNI-MX HARDCORE. It is called an ‘all-in-one’ muscle gainer because it contains all the essential muscle gain ingredients like our GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN, the right kind of carbohydrates, an extreme muscle gain stack, a creatine stack for power and strength and even a male health stack which naturally enhances male characteristics. There are several so called ‘all-in-ones’ available, but they are either designed for beginners and are under-formulated, or contain only a sprinkling of active ingredients just so that they can be mentioned on the label. OMNI-MX HARDCORE stands alone as the "Rolls Royce" of muscle gainers.

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