Daniel Ventura

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    Name: Daniel Ventura
    Weight: 14 stone
    Height: 6ft
    Career: Fitness model/PT
    Highlight: The first British model to feature on the front of Men’s Health

    If you’re into sport and fitness, you’ll know this face and body. They belong to fitness model Dan Ventura, a SCI-MX sponsored athlete whose successful career has put him on the front cover of countless magazines. We asked him to reveal the supplement and training secrets which have helped him sculpt one of the most recognisable bodies in the industry.

    Follow Daniel on:

    Instagram: danielventuramartin
    Website: www.danielventurafitness.com
    Twitter: @dan_ven_mar
    Facebook: Daniel Ventura Martín

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    Dan’s Top 5 products:

    The best T-booster I’ve ever used. I get such a good night’s sleep on these and they are great for burning fat and building muscle. Plus, without going into too much detail – they’re great for a man’s libido!

    I find these are great for helping preserve muscle whilst you’re burning fat.


    These are good for muscle building, controlling body fat and the added bonus of a rock solid immune system.


    How did you get into fitness modeling?

    I started my career at 18 as a fashion model working for designers such as Prada, Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani. My agency one day sent me to a casting for the next Men’s Health cover model. I was fortunate after many castings to be chosen to appear on the cover. And as they say the rest is history.

    From that moment on, my career changed course from fashion to being a significant member of the fitness world. I am grateful for all my good fortune but can only attribute it to all the hard work and self discipline I imposed on myself. I then became a level 3 personal trainer and nutritionist after my success as a fitness model.

    What are your top most effective exercises whilst training?

    I love compound exercises and try to implement them wherever possible. My number one favourite is walking lunges whilst doing bicep dumbbell curls, closely followed by…

    • Chest dips with knee raise
    • Killers (burpees with a press up in between)
    • Wide grip pull-ups with leg raise
    • Prisoner squats

    What does the future hold for you?

    I’m in the process of expanding my business and have launched a fitness app: DANIEL VENTURA’S COVER MODEL BODY

    This enables me to reach and help more people. I want to share my knowledge online and offline, giving people the tools to create a complete and fulfilled life. Self development starts with the mind, then the body and then the soul. Get one part wrong and the whole thing falls down. This is why it’s so important to cover every aspect. I’m very excited about my future business and my relationship with SCI-MX. At this stage all I want to say is ‘watch this space’!

    Daniel’s top tips for successful fitness training:

    I can sum up it up in just one word ‘Discipline’! If you have it, you can and will achieve anything you want. Henry Ford is famous for saying “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t – you’re right!” So my message to you is, design a diet and exercise plan by yourself or with a PT and stick to it! No excuses! Just stick to it!

    • Exercise in the morning, I’ve found the body responds better to training earlier in the day.
    • Have a cold shower every morning! It’s good for the circulation and keeps you looking younger. Not many people are prepared to do it but I do, every day without fail.

    Why do you use SCI-MX products?

    Through trial and error, I’ve found SCI-MX to be the best supplements out there.

    Why would you recommend SCI-MX to anyone wanting the athletic look?

    I’ve always been a firm believer of practicing what you preach. In my line of work, I really have to look the part and be believable. So, if I recommend supplements to clients or to people I meet at fitness events, it has to be something I’ve used and believe in. In all my years in the industry, I have tried everything on the market! SCI-MX products really do work. They do exactly what it says on the tin, for example you can feel the testosterone booster working, and taking the protein powders will make you leaner and bigger.

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    Diet Plan

    From Monday to Friday my diet plan is quite strict, and not very exciting but very effective when coupled with the right SCI-MX products and exercise:


    Scrambled eggs cooked with a little coconut oil with maybe smoked salmon, or just some boiled eggs.

    Before Lunch

    30 minutes before lunch I’ll take 3 x SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ 3 x omega 3,6,9 and 3 x CLA 1000 LEANCORE™


    I’ll have plain cooked chicken with no flavour and sorry to say, I’ll eat a bag of raw broccoli alongside it. If raw broccoli gets a bit boring for me I’ll throw in some raw cauliflower. Raw broccoli is like nature’s version of a multi vitamin tablet: high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium – the list goes on. It also raises natural testosterone levels, great for lean muscle mass.

    Before Dinner

    30 minutes before dinner I’ll have 3 x omega 3,6,9 and 3 x CLA 1000 LEANCORE™


    I’ll chop up some lettuce, tomatoes and spring onion and throw in some protein – Either chicken, ham, tuna or salmon. I’ll use olive oil (good source of omega 3 too) and balsamic vinegar. I’ll also sprinkle turmeric and cayenne pepper for their countless metabolism and health benefits too!

    Saturday = Cheat Day!

    Because I have low calories during the week and barely any carbs I’ll load up on both today, for two reasons:
    1. To maintain sanity!!
    2. To stop my body slipping into ‘ketosis’ which is when your body’s metabolism starts to slow down because it goes into survival mode as it thinks your body is starving. The hormone leptin starts to deplete on a low calorie diet (boring but true) and leptin burns fat. By eating lots of carbs etc. you crank up your leptin levels, thus getting your body back into fat burning mode! Just what we want.

    I’ll try and still eat clean carbs like jacket potato, brown rice, wheat free bread etc. as opposed to white bread, white rice and chips – But because it’s my day off I’ll eat anything I fancy.

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    I tend to stick to three sets 15 reps. I’m a mesomorph body type, so I put on muscle more easily than I want to, bearing in mind clients want the lean and athletic look rather than sheer size and mass. I never train to build size but aim for definition with low body fat. Between every set, I’ll do 10 burpees. This keeps your system switching from anaerobic to aerobic, so your workout will build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. I do this religiously. It doesn’t have to be burpees; you could skip for a minute or do anything which raises the heart rate between sets.

    Monday: Chest & triceps

    Cable flys for the upper chest, using low starting grips bringing the hands up towards the face. Get this right and you’ll feel and see the benefits immediately!
    Cardio: 20 minutes

    Tuesday: Back & biceps

    Try 21s with dumbbells to really hit the biceps. 7 lower half reps, 7 top half reps and 7 full reps.
    Cardio: 20 minutes

    Wednesday: Hamstrings & calves

    One of the most effective exercises for getting into the hamstrings without building loads of mass is a hamstring curl using a Swiss ball. Lie on your back with your feet on the ball and your legs and torso elevated in a straight line. Pull the ball in towards you, using your hamstrings. They’ll get really pumped.
    Cardio: 20 minutes

    Thursday: Quads & glutes

    Try walking lunges with dumbbells. I go up and down the gym, 10 paces one way and 10 the other.
    Cardio: 20 minutes.


    45 minutes run.


    Abs are important to the fitness model look, and I work my abs at the end of each workout. I’ll do 2 ab exercises and perform 3 sets of each. Some of my favourites are:

    • Cycling the legs whilst crunching, to work the lower abs
    • Planks & side planks
    • Weighted crunches
    • Jack knives with feet on Swiss ball

Daniel Ventura says:

80% of what your body looks like boils down to what you put in your mouth. If you’re training at 100% and your diet is 50% good, you might as well not bother. You can’t out train a bad diet.

But if your diet and supplements are 100% perfect and your training is 50%, you’ll transform your body!

That’s why I swear by SCI-MX products, scientifically designed to produce the best results. I owe my physique to taking these products continuously for the last 7 years.



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