Polly Beauchamp

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    Weight: 53.5kg

    Height: 5ft. 1

    Career: Rights Manager for Future Publishing

    PB/Highlight: Fighting for Team UK in the European Championships 2015.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/polsk1_1987

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pollybeauchamp

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polsmma/

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    Give us a summary of your industry and your success?

    I compete in mixed martial arts (MMA). I transitioned to MMA after kickboxing for a few years and instantly loved the new training style. I love the discipline and pushing myself mentally and physically.

    I’m undefeated in kickboxing with 5 wins and 0 losses and my MMA record is 3 wins 2 losses (both via way of close split decision!)

    How long have you been in the industry?

    I was kickboxing for 3-4 years before I started incorporating MMA training about 2 years ago.

    What is your greatest achievement?

    Maybe my last fight… Although I felt my last fight was my worst performance to date, it was on a respected show (Cage Warriors) & I was just so pleased to have got on the competition, although I was injured throughout and if I had known how bad the injury was, I wouldn’t have gone through with the fight.

    I performed poorly but won the fight and afterwards discovered that I had totally ruptured my ACL – pretty good excuse for a poor performance and thrilled I managed to get the win with such a severe injury!


    Anything fitness and food related really! I love cooking and all aspects of training.  I’m also an animal lover, totally obsessed with my little dog!

    What does the future hold for you?

    I would like to fight for a title as an amateur and then look at going pro.  Unfortunately I had to pull out of the BCMMA Atom-weight title fight when I discovered I needed surgery to fix my ACL.

    Top tips for someone wanting to start out in your industry/try your sport?

    Persistence I guess, it’s a tough sport and it isn’t easy so you need to have the determination to push yourself.

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    Diet Tips

    Let us know your typical diet and nutrition plan for the week:

    My diet is pretty strict consisting of:

    Breakfasts – Gluten free oats, natural yoghurt, banana, peanut butter / Gluten free toast, eggs, spinach

    Lunches – fish (salmon, tuna, seabass), brown rice with peppers, onions, spinach & broccoli

    Dinner – meat (lean mince, chicken, pork) with more brown rice and veg or sweet potato (mash, chips, baked) & broccolli

    Snacks – SCI-MX Protein shakes and protein bars / Rice cakes /Fruit/Nuts

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    Training Tips

    What are your top most effective exercises whilst training?

    This is a tough one really because everything is important when you’re training for a fight.  Cardio is so important to keep you going through those rounds, but then strength is also needed.  However, you also have to make sure you have trained effectively for that particular opponent, sharpening certain skills needed for that specific game plan.  You can’t really let anything slip, so attending all sessions is vital, 121 training with your coach and then also including body conditioning for strength and running for cardio/weight management is all important.

    What does you training plan look like for the week?

    Monday – 4 mile hill run, judo & bjj, kickboxing

    Tuesday – MMA, Padwork for MMA, Sparring

    Wednesday – Weights & abs session, 3 mile run OR 30 minute cross trainer, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling

    Thursday – 4 mile hill run

    Friday – Weights & abs session, 3 mile run OR 30 minute cross trainer, boxing,

    Saturday – REST DAY

    Sunday – bjj, sparring, 121 training

Polly Beauchamp says:

Undefeated kickboxing athlete with 5 wins and 0 losses in MMA. Passionate about food & healthy living. Now part of team #SCIMX. Read more about Polly here.



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