Our 10 Highest Rated Products

our 10 highest rated products

If you’re having trouble deciding on which SCI-MX product to try, perhaps the following information on our 10 highest rated products will help…

1. Best protein shake for Vegans and Vegetarians: PRO V-GAIN PROTEIN

The fact that vegans and vegetarians don’t get as much protein in their diet as meat eaters most definitely becomes a myth when you throw SCI-MX PRO V-GAIN Protein into the mix.

A 100% plant-based protein powder that is dairy free, customers can take confidence in the impressive 34 g of protein per serving, as well as 5.7g BCAAs.

And, even better, you don’t have to be vegetarian to reap the rewards from this protein shake, with many customers saying it is light on the stomach and a beneficial addition to their diet.


“I buy this all the time, it’s not harsh to the stomach and good for anyone with sensitive stomach or dairy problems… I highly recommend it to actually’ everyone…Tastes great, and am starting to see the difference in myself too”

“Really enjoy the strawberry flavour – very creamy and tastes fab. Look forward to trying out the chocolate one. So far – it is the best tasting vegan protein I have tried.”

“Went vegan recently hence why I brought this but I have tried soy and pea proteins in the past and this is by far the best one I have tasted. Amazing flavour, like chocolate ice cream. Prefer it to many of the normal whey protein I have tried!”

“My daughter is a vegetarian, and she loves this stuff. I got her the chocolate flavour, as everyone likes chocolate.”

2. Best on-the-go caffeinated protein drink: PRO 2GO Coffee

Coffee lovers looking for a high protein alternative to their morning latte will be huge fans of the PRO 2GO Coffee.PRO 2GO® COFFEE

The SCI-MX PRO 2GO Coffee has received a 100% user rating and is a refreshing, awakening protein drink. It contains 30g of protein (the highest percentage in the coffee market) and is super low in fat and sugar. Grab it and go…

What SCI-MX PRO 2GO Coffee customers say…

I love coffee especially iced, great taste and drinking it chilled is a must…”

“Fast dispatch service.”

3. Highest rated on-the-go sweet snack: PRO 2GO Oat Bake

Another 100% user rated product, with 5 stars, the PRO 2GO Oat Bake is a tasty snack that provides a lift before or following a workout.PRO 2GO® OAT BAKE

Available in two flavours, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake, the PRO 2GO oat bake may be sweet but is low in sugar

Packed with protein and low in GI carbs, indulge in the PRO 2GO Oat Bake for a guilt-free snack.

What the PRO 2GO Oat Bake customers say…

good product. convenient delivery”

4. Top rated pre-workout powder: Creatine Monohydrate

SCI-MX Creatine Monohydrate is the world’s best selling and highly-researched stable supplement to support your fitness regime.

With a 4-star, 94% user rating, SCI-MX Creatine Monohydrate is scientifically proven to increase strength and power for the true “Phwoar” factor…CREATINE MONOHYDRATE

What the SCI-MX Creatine Monohydrate customers say…

“Great product at a really great price. Easy to use website and the usual efficient delivery of my order.”

“the best supplement out there 100%”

“Since I decided to buy the product I have noticed that my strength has increased throughout my training. Now am lifting heavier weights and my performance is better. I mix it up with my pre workout and am good to go!”

5. Simplest protein powder for all-round protein supplementation: SCI-MX GRS9 Protein System

User rated at 96%, the SCI-MX GRS9 Protein System contains an advanced blend of six different proteins.GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM

In total the protein powder contains 40g protein per serving which is ample to supply the demands of training.

What the SCI-MX GRS9 Protein System customers say…

First time using this product after bulking up. Taste great, mix well and feel that it’s making a difference. Would certainly recommend and use again.”

“This is the first time using this protein and I must say the banana taste is fab. Very nice on the stomach no bloating or upset stomach.”

“Best protein keeps me full all day”

6.Top rated protein-enriched afternoon snack: PRO 2GO Caramel Crisp

If you need a snack that will halt that afternoon lull, without indulging in excess sugar and unhealthy foods, the SCI-MX PRO 2GO Caramel Crisp is the perfect alternative.

It is packed with protein and low in sugar but tastes great and will provide you with the afternoon pick-up you need.PRO 2GO® CARAMEL CRISP

What the SCI-MX PRO 2GO Caramel Crisp customers say…

“Excellent Excellent Excellent”

“Very tasty with all the nutrients needed for a snack during the day. Even managed to quell my chocolate cravings too!!!”

“These bars are great for dealing with sweet cravings so you avoid eating junk. I particularly like them a few hours after hard interval sessions. Taste good also”

7. Top rated whey isolate: SCI-MX 100% Whey Isolate

The Whey Isolate powder is the ultimate way to support muscle recovery and increase muscle mass.

After a tough training session, SCI-MX 100% Whey Isolate speeds the replenishment and recovery of the muscles used in training.100% WHEY ISOLATE

What the SCI-MX Whey Isolate customers say…

“The best protein around”

“Mixes easily with any drink. I add it to a scoop of Ultra Whey. These are the best supplements i’ve used!”

“Amazing product”

8. Top rated for lean mass building: SCI-MX Whey Plus RIPPEDCORE

SCI-MX WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE is a high-quality protein that contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), green tea and vitamins.

The product has a 100% user rating and features 20g protein per serving, as well as 4g carbs and 2g fat.

Indulge in (delicious!) chocolate or strawberry flavour…WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE™

What the SCI-MX Whey Plus RIPPEDCORE  customers say…

Really good protein powder, tastes great, I ran out and used something else for a couple of days and could not believe the difference, I had no energy and didn’t work as well as the ripped core, we’ve more energy,and feel more with it, a lot better than your standard protein, me and my husband both use it. Definitely my favourite protein shake.”

“I’ve been using Sci-Mx After I didn’t notice much change while I was a the gym and since I’ve started using it I’ve noticed a considerable difference and I feel like I can go on to do more after my workout as well: 10/10”

9. Top rated amino acid shots: SCI-MX Pure Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is an amino acid compound that makes up many cells of the human body and aids the transportation of fat for energy production. The SCI-MX Acetyl L-Carnitine shots combine Acetic acid and L-Carnitine for boosted energy levels and to support a calorie-controlled diet.PURE ACETYL L-CARNITINE

What the SCI-MX Pure Acetyl L-Carnitine customers say…

“I’ve been using these shots for around 2-3 months now. My workout pumps are slightly more intense, I sweat a hell of a lot more and my energy levels towards the end of my sessions are still high too. They have definitely aided in stripping off some of the problem areas” where I carried a little bit of stubborn fat despite being on a strict nutrition plan.

The other main difference from using this supplement is my vascularity has improved considerably and I have veins showing in areas i’ve not had them be so visible before even without being pumped. During a workout and especially at the high pump stage my chest, arms, shoulders and especially forearms show protruding veins but not to the point of looking disgusting. I would highly recommend this product to people who are following moderate to strict nutrition plans or dieting down/losing weight in general as an aid to the existing plan. The price is very fair and you certainly get the bang for your buck.”

“I love the new l carnitine shots”

 10. Top rated chocolate protein snack: SCI MX PRO 2GO Brownie

If you can’t live without chocolate (we don’t blame you!), the SCI-MX PRO 2GO Brownie is made for you!PRO 2GO® BROWNIE

Featuring chunky chocolate pieces and plenty of protein (20g protein per 65g bar), the SCI-MX PRO2GO Brownies are full of energy and great taste. Moreover, they’re low in sugar so fairly guilt-free too…

What the SCI MX PRO 2GO Brownie Customers say…


“Some of the nicest protein chocolate brownies”

We’re looking for more reviews on our PRO 2GO Brownie! Have you tried them yet? Are you a fitness-fuelled chocoholic?

We’d love you to leave a review for the SCI-MX PRO 2GO Brownie product page.

What’s your top rated SCI MX product? We’d love to hear from you! Why not share your workout tips and tricks on Instagram stories, tweet us or post to our Facebook page?

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