3 Ways To Add Protein To Your Breakfast


Do your energy levels crash by mid-morning? Feel so sluggish by 11am that you have no choice other than to reach for something sugary?

Don’t neglect protein at breakfast. Not only will you feel fuller for longer, you’ll also avoid the dreaded 11am snack forage.

Breakfast doesn’t have to consist of cereal, pancakes, toast or porridge. Each meal of the day should include a balance of both wholegrains and protein, both of which fill you up. Wholegrains include fibre which helps you feel full, with numerous health benefits.

Protein also has a wealth of benefits, such as making your feel satiated, which could be missing at breakfast time. So, what’s so good about protein? Why should we add protein to breakfast meals?

Protein is slower to digest, it can help kerb the hunger pangs for longer and maintain your blood sugar more steadily than a high-carb breakfast. This is one of the reasons why protein can aid in sustaining a healthy weight.

Spreading protein consumption out evenly during the day is the best way to maintain and develop muscles which is invaluable for overall health, not just power lifters and bodybuilders!

Try these three easy breakfast swaps to power up your morning protein intake – you’ll no doubt feel less hungry!



A full English breakfast


Two scrambled eggs on rye toast with smoked salmon slices

An effortless way to add protein to breakfast food is by using eggs. These high-protein foods are fab because they can be cooked in just a couple of minutes, making them a quick, convenient choice. If you’re pushed for time in the morning, hard boil six eggs at the weekends so you can grab one or two along with a yogurt and an apple when you’re on the move. If you have more time on your hands in the morning, whip up the above recipe.



A fruit smoothie


A fruit smoothie WITH Greek yogurt or protein powder

The best thing about smoothies is that they can be whipped up in no time at all. But many of us forget to add protein into the mix, merely including fruit meaning we’re missing out on some crucial nutrients. Pour in some milk (if you’re vegan, almond, soya or coconut milk work just as well) plus some Greek yogurt for some protein. Alternatively, you can mix in a protein shake or powder.

Try our super strawberry protein shake which includes WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™  or our vegan-friendly very berry super shake, complete with PRO V-GAIN™ PROTEIN. This way, your smoothie will keep you satisfied right up until lunchtime. Be sure to add some healthy fats like a tablespoon of chia seeds or almond butter.



Toast with jam


Reduced salt and sugar baked beans and a poached egg on toast

Not on the bean bandwagon yet? You should be. Whilst beans may not be a typical breakfast food choice, they’re a fantastic addition to toast and wraps. You could include them with eggs, an avocado, sautéed mushrooms or cheese on toast/in a wrap. Not a fan of baked beans? Try mixing some cooked chickpeas with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a sprinkling of oregano (or whatever spices you like), as a nourishing, high-protein filling in a wrap.


If you’re looking for more high-protein breakfast recipes, we have a whole section chock-full with ideas, including our metabolism-boosting vegan latte, cantaloupe soup, high-protein pancakes and apple cinnamon protein muffins.


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3 Ways To Add Protein To Your Breakfast
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