5 New Year’s fitness resolutions & How To Stick To Them

Have you made a new year’s resolution this year? Worried that it might turn into last year’s resolution, when you started out on a high, flew through January, hit the first of February and were back to square one. Old habits die hard, after all.

But why not make 2017 the year that resolution sticks? The year that your fitness will reach new heights! So, put down the beer, hang up the Christmas stocking and roll your sleeves up for some hardcore fitness improvements this year.


Take a look at the following 5 popular New Year’s fitness resolutions and how to stick to them.

Train Smart

Starting the year with the intention to train SMART is definitely one way of ensuring your fitness levels reach new heights.

Training SMART means that, as an individual, you set fitness goals that are: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIME-BOUND.

Training SMART is ultimately about gaining maximum fitness benefits from your efforts, and means that your programme will be tailored for you as an individual, taking into consideration your purpose for training, alongside your life commitments.

A personal trainer may be a great way of ensuring you train SMART in 2017.

Live Strong

When you train, you can fatigue your body more than usual, and therefore should ensure you recover efficiently and keep your body strong.

It is beneficial to consume protein at every meal to maintain a continuous protein level throughout the day.

Of course, consuming a small amount of lean meat at every meal is not always practical or attainable. So we’ve made it easy, choose anything from our PRO 2GO range including our favourite this month PRO 2GO Protein milkshakes to help ensure you have a steady level of protein and avoid those evening protein spikes.


Book A PT

An initial expense yes but we fully believe that enlisting the help of a successful PT who can offer you a 360 fitness & diet plan is the best way to kick start your 2017 ‘new year new you’. Say goodbye to guilt pangs on an off day, instead feel confident in calling them ‘cheat days’ (we recommend indulging in our Duo Bars when you do).

So what are you waiting for, book a professional PT pronto. (Our top tip – take advantage of the introductory sessions most gyms offer when signing up, grasp all the free information with open hands). Stick to the plans and find yourself saying ‘well summer bodies are made in winter’.


Break the routine

Many people’s New Year’s resolution is to start including exercise in their lifestyle routine. However, if you’re already hitting up the gym and looking to up the ante, it may be beneficial to break your exercise routine,

Okay, so we’re not saying skip the gym and ignore your routine completely, instead just change your exercise routines slightly. Perhaps try a different weight machine, research a new lifting technique or get out there and exercise away from the gym (lifestyle permiting!).

The lack of regimental feelings associated with your workout will bring back enthusiasm to really build up a sweat again.


Stay Determined

New year’s resolutions are a challenge to keep, that’s why we make them. But think of the success about actually having achieved a significant lifestyle change. Perhaps you’ll train at a higher heart rate, leg press a heavier weight, get a PB in your lat pull downs…Whatever you achieve, seeing small, yet positive improvements will help you stay determined (just don’t celebrate these achievements by letting yourself go, of course!).

Already know what your fitness New Year’s resolution is? Why not tag us in them and see if we can help. Just use #scimx !!


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