5 Winter Burn Exercises To Do Outside


With shorts formally packed away till next summer and the return of several thick leggings, winter has been fully embraced, so there’s no time like the present to skip the gym and head outdoors to get your fitness fix.

The initial chill soon gets warmed away as you up your heart rate with our 5 easy yet effective outside exercises. We’ve compiled a few you can do no matter your level of fitness, enabling you get in some training whilst enjoying the beautiful Winter scenery…  

Kettlebell swings

Who says these are reserved for the gym? Pack a few of your favourite weights and head (or drive) out to a scenic spot. Kettlebells work pretty much every muscle group there is – swings alone can work the core, quads, shoulders, hamstrings and glutes, not to mention increasing both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Pick your favourite park or a spot on the beach, and get swinging!

Hill sprints

If long runs in rainy drizzle aren’t your thing, maybe consider putting in short bursts of energy with some HIIT hill sprints instead. The sprinting aspect is great for elevating the heart rate, while adding an incline provides more of a challenge as you’ll need to recruit those calf muscles to help you up to the top – all while maintaining good form.  

Jump rope

Everyone from professional athletes to models and celebrities have been seen getting to grips with this fitness trend in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Skipping rope can burn in excess of 10 calories a minute, all while building muscles in your arms, legs, and butt. For a high intensity, fun and challenging workout, pack a rope and find a spot outdoors with plenty of space to practice tricks like the Ali shuffle, butt kicks, jumping jacks and high knees.


In calisthenics, athletes use their own bodyweight to build muscle through a range of motions such as pushing, pulling, running etc. As all exercises are carried out without equipment, this form of training is already ideal for the outdoors, plus there are many calisthenics parks around the UK that make it easy to stop off and do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) on your weekly run.   

Park bench routine

Using a park bench or a picnic table, you can carry out a range of exercises for a full body workout, including lunges, step-ups, plyometrics, box jumps and much more. This is another easy way to combine some resistance training with cardio without having to head to the gym.

Other winter activities include cycling, trail hiking, yoga or setting your TRX kit in the park. Whatever you choose, make sure to adjust your warm-ups accordingly to accommodate the cooler climes and avoid injury, and if you’re out and about around the roads, ensure you have high-vis (and waterproof!) clothing on as the nights get longer.

Happy training!  


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