7 Proven Ways To Exercise At Home Without Equipment


Want to train but haven’t the time (or the money) to go to a gym?

Want to get into shape before visiting a gym?

Want to join a gym but can’t decide whether to get a membership?

If one of these questions resonates with you, keep reading. If you want to be fighting fit but, for whatever reason, spend most of your time indoors we can help you on your way.

There’s no denying the fact that to stay healthy these days is a tough one. As well as the battle of mind over matter, many of us don’t have the time to devote to a good ol’ session at the gym, and still fewer of us can afford to spend £40 a month on what many consider to a luxury.

But help is at hand from SCI-MX.

We’ve found some great ways to exercise at home without equipment. Read our ‘7 Proven Ways to Exercise at Home without Equipment’ and then… well, try them out!

We’re sure you’ll find a 30 minute workout at home as body-brutal as a full-on gym session.

First things first, some A-B-Cs:

  1. A) Choose a sensible space for your indoor ‘gym’.

Even the smallest of homes have rooms that can be decluttered enough to allow a good range of movements up and down and side-to-side.

  1. B) Make sure the space is appealing.

For a full body workout without equipment, don’t choose a room that’s too dark, cold, hot or smelly. Relegating your indoor gym to a dingy basement or garage won’t inspire you to return there day after day.

  1. C) Choose a space in which you already enjoy spending time.

Perhaps find a room that’s airy, light, has power sockets for a radio and a floor that’s comfortable enough to lie on. To choose somewhere you already feel at ease and relaxed will help.

Note: For some of the items on our list you will have to find a room that is quite tall, or consider cordoning off a section of garden. Wrapping a skipping rope around a light fitting is a bit bad!

If you don’t have a garden, you could always head for the nearest park.

And then…

Prepare yourself for a workout!

Get dressed into comfortable workout clothes and put on some trainers. Working out in pyjamas or a 3-piece suit will not do. You need to show willing if you are serious about exercising at home without equipment. We’ve written ‘Is Your Workout Gear Holding You Back which can certainly help you on your way to limbering up in the right gear.

1.     Skipping rope

The only one of the list that needs a few quid but you can find a great range on Amazon starting from £5.

Works on: cardiovascular health, legs

Don’t go thinking that this one is just for kids. Skipping ropes are a professional boxer’s go-to piece of equipment. There are good reasons why some of our best athletes include this in their workouts: a session with a skipping rope will improve your cardio stamina, co-ordination and overall condition.

According to experts we can burn more than 10 calories a minute skipping. It also strengthens the core muscles, the joints and the major muscles of the legs.

Why not vary your skip routine with a jog in rhythm with the swing of the rope or the ‘slalom’ skip: a hop from side-to-side instead of up and down, like skiing.

Suggested supplement after an intense skipping rope session: SHRED X RIPPEDCORE (ideal for fat burning).

2.     The plank

Works on: shoulders, arms, abs, legs (including glutes)

Planking is one of the easiest of all exercises at home without equipment.

Adopt a pose as though you are at the top of a press-up move. Your body should be straight (at your hips), your toes should be touching the floor and your arms should be outstretched at shoulder width, with either your hands (or your elbows) in contact with the floor. Hold this pose for a set number of seconds or minutes.

Keeping your weight off the ground for a good amount of time brings into play the muscles of the core: namely the pelvic floor, the abdominals, the oblique abdominals and the diaphragm.

A strong core will aid normal movement and greatly improve your ability to train should you end up joining a gym or expanding your own home one.

If you don’t have enough strength in your arms to keep yourself in the plank position you could try resting your forearms on the floor. As long as you keep your body straight you’ll have the move nailed.

Adding an additional 10 seconds every day for added burn makes this a great full body workout without equipment.

Suggested supplement after an intense plank session: ULTRA WHEY

3.     Lunges

Works on: legs

Lunges are another great full body workout without equipment. Just about every muscle of the leg is worked upon and it’s one of the simplest moves to learn. You’ll find that lunges also help to condition and strengthen the lower body and boost your stamina.

They are sometimes performed in a static position; that is: lunging your right leg forward, returning to a standing position and doing the same with your left leg. But, if you have a long hallway or are out in the garden you should try walking lunges.

Walking lunges are basically the same exercise but rather than bringing your legs back to an upright position you continue forward as though walking to a certain point then swivel round and walk back to your starting position.

For an added workout why not hold a full bottle of water in each hand as you go?

Suggested supplement during after an intense lunge session: BCAA INTRA HARDCORE

4.     Water bottle curls

Works on: shoulders, arms

Water is heavy, and that makes it a must-have for a full body workout without equipment. 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram. Take a full water bottle in each hand and you have yourself the equivalent of two small dumbbells. You can then follow any strength training regime for your shoulders, biceps and triceps.

You may even be able to find some 15 litre bottles for an added crunch.

A simple arm routine:

  •         While holding a 1 litre bottle in each hand, perform 3 sets of arm curls at 12-15 repetitions per set.
  •         Next, extend the top of your right arm behind you but keep it parallel with the floor; bring your forearm up to your chest and slowly push your forearm back until your arm is outstretched.  Do 3 sets of these at 20 repetitions per set and then repeat with the left arm.
  •         Return to the arm curls.
  •         Now hold your right arm straight up above your head; slowly lower your forearm until the bottle of water is behind your head. Hold here for a moment before returning to the starting position. Repeat for the same number of reps as before and then repeat with the left arm.

The next time you exercise at home without equipment try both of these moves with 1.5 litres and after that move on to 2 litres, then 2.5 – maybe even 5 litres, if you feel you can progress that far – and so on.

Before long, your 30-minute workout at home is going to be brutal!

Suggested supplement after an intense water bottle session: SUPER FOOD SMOOTHIE

5.     Jumping Jacks and high-knee running

Works on: cardio, abs, legs

Running on the spot is something that can be done anywhere but you’ll burn a few more calories by making a slight modification: high-knee running on the spot is a supreme way to condition your torso and get your heart racing.

Try either a simple high-knee run or a twisting high-knee run; the latter involves touching your right elbow with your left knee and then your left elbow with your right knee.

Jumping Jacks are the staple exercise of physical education at school & they too give a great full body workout without equipment.

According to HealthStatus.com,

‘a person who weighs 150 pounds will burn about 153 calories during a 30-minute moderate-intensity bout of jumping jacks’.

Remember, if you’re going to do Jumping Jacks or high-knee running and you live in a home with low ceilings try to find somewhere more appropriate before you get started.

Suggested supplement after an intense Jumping Jacks session: RECOVER 2.1

6.     Stair climbs

Works on: cardio, legs

Nutrition zone Live Strong estimates that a person weighing 11.5 stones will burn around 360 calories in 30 minutes on a Stairmaster. A Stairmaster is a gym machine that simulates a climb up a never-ending flight of stairs.

But guess what? If you live in a house with two stories you’ll have your own stairs. It’s yet another way to exercise at home without equipment.

Start with three 10-minute sessions each week during which time you’ll walk up and back down your stairs (you could even walk backwards downstairs, but make sure you hold on tight and be careful at all times!)

Build this up each week and go a little bit faster to beat your previous record. Imagine how many calories you could burn if you ended up doing it for an hour?

If you live in a bungalow or an apartment find the nearest public stairs or fire escape. If you don’t have either of those at hand, why not try calf raises? All you need is one step for that particular move.

If you felt like it, your 30 minute workout at home could consist of nothing but step ups!

Suggested supplement after an intense stair climbing session: RECOVER 2:1 ISOLATE

7.     Housework

Works on: everything… including cobwebs!

Anyone who cleans houses for a living will tell you how extremely hard their work is. They’re not boasting: vacuuming, mopping, wiping surfaces and cleaning cupboards is about as exhausting as a mega session at the gym.

That makes it a perfect contender for our list of exercises at home without equipment.

Nutrition experts have calculated that half an hour of mopping a floor can burn up to 112 calories and scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees burns 200 calories in the same time.

Think about it:

What part of your body is not exercised when you clean the house, apart from your neck? That’s a great 30-minute workout at home right there!

As an added boost to your calorie-killing cleaning, why not give yourself a countdown of say 30 minutes per room?

Suggested supplement after housework: PRO 2GO COFFEE & A Flapjack

In Summary

Now we’ve shown you what you can do around the house it’s time to put things into practice. Set aside some time on several days each week, be disciplined about your exercise session and try not to be overwhelmed by other things going on in your life.

Working out at home is sometimes even more dependent on your self-discipline and willingness to get fit.

To be successful with home-based exercise and enjoy your 30 minute workout at home you’ll have to be someone who L.I.K.E.S:

L – Love yourself: Mental strength is often the only thing that can drag you through the low points. We love getting inspiration from Instagram, have you followed Talillia Henchoz?

I – Improvise: Use our list for the basis of a hundred other exercises; vary what you’ve learnt.

K – Keep going: Don’t give up. The only ‘coach’ shouting at you will be the one in your head.

E – Enhance: Listen to music on the radio or watch sports on the television. What will get you wired?

S – Set a date: Make sure you have your heart set on the next session. Don’t get side-tracked.

…And don’t forget to stock up with plenty of minerals and nutrients to keep you going.


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