The #BOSSIT & PROVE IT Video Challenge Explained

The SCI-MX #BOSSIT & PROVE IT video challenge has now launched! We’re looking to see your best efforts in the gym in order to win up to £12k worth of prizes, here’s how the challenge works:

LEVEL 1 – #BOSSIT & Prove It

Level 1 is a video entry contest, simply submit a video of you BOSSING your workout. The aim of the challenge is for entrants to show us what they are made of, show us their ‘tekkers’ and impress us. It can be fun, serious or hardcore – as long as you #BOSSIT.

Choose one of the following ways to upload your video (Please note, anything posted with #BOSSIT on social media will pull through to the gallery depending on your privacy settings):

  • Woobox – Click on the link and follow the instructions.
  • Facebook – Visit our Facebook page and go to the “#BOSSIT Challenge” tab OR post a video to our wall with #BOSSIT and nominate 5 people by tagging them in the post.

blog video challenge

  • Twitter – Add the video to Twitter using #BOSSIT and nominate 5 people by tagging them.
  • Instagram – Add the video to Instagram using #BOSSIT and nominate 5 people by tagging them.
  • Website – The app is also housed on our website. If using the website, consumers must add their YouTube link to enter.

PRIZE: Level 1 runs for 10 weeks and 10 of the best are selected each week – 100 winners in total. Each winner gets a BOSSIT t-shirt, shaker, 2kg tub of protein and automatic entry to LEVEL 2.


LEVEL 2 – #BOSSIT 10 of the BEST

Level 2 puts the 100 winners to the public vote. Of the 100 entrants, we are looking for the 10 videos with the most comments, likes and shares. We want your feedback – Who truly BOSSED it?

PRIZE: Runs for 1 week and the 10 with most engagement by the end of the week will win £300 worth of supplements and automatic entry to LEVEL 3.


LEVEL 3 – The amBOSSadors

Level 3 is put to the expert panel to select the top 3 videos and give amBOSSador status to these entrants.

PRIZE: The 3 amBOSSadors will win £1000 and join #TeamSCIMX with VIP access to Bodypower Expo at the NEC in May 2015.

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